State Rep Liz Miranda Files Bill To End Life Without Parole While Having Sexual Affair With Convicted Murderer And Domestic Abuser Out On Parole, Says She’s Being Attacked By White Supremacist Media


It’s been almost a week since we broke the story about State Rep Liz Miranda meeting up with a convicted murderer for sex in New Jersey multiple times, despite the fact that the Cornelius Webb was not allowed to leave the state of Michigan per the terms of his parole.

She also used taxpayer money to fly to see him in Michigan multiple times under the guise of going there for work related to her job as a legislator. Here she is in Corn’s car.

She filmed this video of him at a strip club while visiting him there.

She knew that he routinely beat on his pregnant fiance, and still saw him anyway despite claiming to be a champion for pregnant women of color and victims of domestic violence.

She has completely privatized her official State Rep Twitter and Instagram accounts, which is illegal for elected officials to do. Her personal account states that the privated account is where she makes “all office related updates.”

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Anything she posts on her Twitter account is public information. She did this after we exposed hundreds of her tweets using racial slurs, which she is likely still in the process of deleting.

District Attorney, and US Attorney nominee Rachael Rollins was with Miranda in court to help her get a restraining order against the domestic violence victim in order to silence her. It’s now been a week since we published this story and interviewed her boyfriend’s domestic violence victim on the Live Show, yet not a single media outlet has published anything about it.

Why is that?

Answer – privilege.

Imagine if Miranda was a white male Republican legislator who had tweeted out racial slurs like that, or done half the things Miranda was proven to have done. Imagine if a white male Republican had blocked the media and the public from seeing their tweets. The Boston Globe wouldn’t shut up about what a threat this was to democracy, and they’d be demanding that Miranda resign.

But Miranda is a woman of color, and more importantly she is a Democrat. Therefore the Globe has no interest in reporting on this story. Instead they’re telling you that a Boston Mayoral candidate is racist because she has a Boston accent.

But where is the Boston Herald?

Where is taxpayer funded radio WBRU?

Where are the media watchdogs like Dan Kennedy?

Where are all the Republican elected leaders who demanded that a woman resign from her position in the Mass GOP because she said something insensitive about a gay man adopting kids?

Why is Republican State Rep Shawn Dooley suddenly silent?

Why don’t Republicans fight the same way against Democrats as Democrats do against them?

Why don’t Republicans fight the same way against Democrats as they do against other Republicans they don’t like?

Sources tell me Liz Miranda is very worried about my upcoming records request in regards to her trips to Michigan and New Jersey, but publicly she is carrying on like none of this happened. This weekend she’ll be doing a comedy show called “Smart, Funny, and Black,” which is appropriate because she is a joke.

Today she did an interview with “Java with Jimmy,” a small Facebook page that platforms virulent racists like Monica Cannon-Grant.

I predicted that she would brush this off as a racist attack on her because that’s the only thing untalented ratchet politicians like her know how to do. Right on cue she did exactly that when she came on around the 36 minute mark:

“It’s sad that I have to respond to any of this but I have some things that I want to say about being a black woman. Being a black woman we face a lot of degradation and harassment. But being a black woman who’s elected we have more targeting. Black women can’t be your shield and your target. We over perform and hold our communities down and we’re faced with so much stuff.”

They’re just so predictable. Politicians like her are able to be where they are because of their racial and gender identity, not in spite of it. If she were a white male politician in this same predicament she would not be able to use her identity to shield her from legitimate criticism.

Then she went full Trump and called the factual reporting fake news, as well as libeling me a white supremacist.

“What I will not stand for is that fake news being shared about me. Gossip isn’t facts. And the fact that a white supremacist who has attacked every black woman elected is spewing some of this hate, I’m not surprised by this target on my back. Because I’ve worked on police reform, the DOC, black maternal health, environmental justice – these are the things people don’t want us working on.”

All narcissists like her know how to do is lie and smear the people criticizing them. She has nothing to say in her defense because she knows she tweeted those things, and she knows she met up with a parolee who illegally crossed state lines, so she calls the person pointing this out a white supremacist in the hopes of discrediting me. But if I’m such a white supremacist then why would I invite a black woman on my show to talk about how Miranda’s parolee boyfriend beat the shit out of her while she was pregnant with his child?

This said it all:

“This is not a credible news outlet and that’s why it hasn’t been a story, because it’s not a story.”

This is the problem with the Globe choosing to not cover this story. To people who vote for her the Globe is the only thing they read. If it’s not in there then it’s fake news to them. They are intentionally lying to their subscribers by not reporting facts on elected officials.

It should also be noted that Miranda has filed legislation to eliminate life without parole for convicted murderers. This seems more relevant now since we know she likes to meet up for sex with convicted murderers out on parole. If we eliminate life without parole in Massachusetts then Liz Miranda won’t have to travel to New Jersey or Michigan to get laid. The Globe should probably say something about this.



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