Stoneham Cop Evicted Multiple Times For Not Paying Rent And Defrauding Rental Assistance Program Resigns, Girlfriend Loses Job As Dance Instructor And Runs Her Mouth On Facebook


Two weeks ago we published a blog about Stoneham Detective Robert Kennedy and his girlfriend Juliann Limone, after NBC 10 investigated them and discovered that the couple had been evicted from multiple apartments after refusing to pay rent for several months. We went further and found out that she was a dance instructor at East Coast Dance Center in North Reading. However, after we published our blog she was no longer listed on their website.

NBC wrote their story over a month ago and it hadn’t gotten much attention because they have a much smaller platform than us. Luckily, we helped them out and used the power of public shaming to produce even more court documents, showing that the couple had committed fraud by applying for and receiving RAFT rental assistance that they didn’t qualify for due to his $180K salary. Within a week of our publication this happened:

Bob Kennedy attempted to reach out to me via email, claiming to welcome an opportunity to meet with me face to face to discuss the article. Although I wouldn’t object to this, it seemed unnecessary unless he had something new to add. However, I did extend to him the opportunity to come on the Live Show and explain his side of the story about why he hasn’t paid close to $100K in rent that courts have ordered him to pay.

I never heard back from him. I assume that his plan was to shmooz me face to face, tell me things that I wanted to hear (you’re blog does a great job exposing criminals, etc), and get me to empathize with him. It’s how scam artists like him operate. He had no intention of coming on the show because he knows there is no explanation for why someone who makes the salary that he does can’t afford to pay their rent, and I would’ve made him look like a fool. As a detective he is used to controlling the line of questioning, but the roles would be reversed with me.

Several people have contacted us and told me that he has a gambling addiction, which would be the only thing that makes sense in my book. It would be more egregious if he had the money and just didn’t pay because he didn’t feel like it, but at least gambling offers some sort of explanation.

However, people with gambling addictions have a tendency to owe dangerous people money. That would make him compromised as a law enforcement officer, and for that reason he should not be on the job. Never mind the fact that he is literally STEALING from landlords every month he doesn’t pay his rent. Thieves should not have badges and guns.

Last week Kennedy was finally placed on administrative leave, pending the results of an internal investigation. Two days later he announced his retirement. If there was any justice in this world then his pension checks would be garnished until his debt to landlords was paid off. People who don’t pay their rent are no different than people who steal from stores – their actions affect all of us because the owners (landlords) just raise their prices to cover their losses.

NBC is taking credit for getting him to resign, and although they were the first to publish their story, it was basically ignored by Stoneham PD. No action was taken at all until we wrote about it. Bob Kennedy didn’t care about being featured on NBC, but he freaked out, got suspended, and retired in shame within a week of Turtleboy writing about it.

You would think that Kennedy’s girlfriend would be embarrassed, since she has humiliated her children by being involved in this, and lost her job as a dance instructor. But trashbags are gonna trashbag, so she’s been making fun of people’s hairlines in Stoneham Facebook groups instead.

She also threatened to spill the tea about some drama involving someone’s wife saying something unsavory about the chief, because that’s what desperate people with nothing to lose do when they’re backed into a corner.

Hey Juliann, maybe instead of running your mouth on the Internet you and your boyfriend should look to procure employment so you can start paying off all the people you’ve stolen from the last few years. You survived the NBC hit piece, but you can’t say the same for Turtleboy.


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