Stoughton Man With 45 Previous Charges Targets And Robs Grieving Family Members At Memorial Day Services For Loved Ones In Franklin, Wrentham, Other Towns


Often times we are criticized for spotlighting the actions of drug addicts, because according to the apologists these people are not in control of their own actions. They have a disease. I would love to hear them justify this one out of Franklin and Wrentham:

Daniel McIsaac was a U.S. Army officer who served in Vietnam. He died this month at 75 years old and the family gathered over the Memorial Day weekend for his funeral in Wrentham.  

“Oh man, it was a really emotional day,” his daughter, Maryfran Randall, said. 

But while the family was at the funeral, their Wrentham home’s alarm started going off.

“The alarm has never gone off, the whole time we had it,” Randall said. “So when we got the call, we were like, ‘something is probably going on because it has never gone off.'”

On a hunch, they also called Franklin police because they knew McIsaac’s home was also listed in the public obituary with the date of the funeral.

“They found somebody in there, so they were waiting for him to come out,” Randall said

When Franklin police went around to the back of the condo, they say Daniel Lennon was right there. When they asked him what he was doing, he told officers he was from Stoughton, taking a leisurely drive and was trying to find a place to go to the bathroom. Police say Lennon had a notebook with him. In that notebook, they found addresses in multiple towns including Wrentham, Foxboro, Taunton, Canton and Hingham with addresses connected to other families who recently lost someone.

“It breaks my heart because you are in such an emotional state and then all of a sudden you can’t even do what you need to do to remember your family member because now you are dealing with a whole other entity,” Randall said. 

Lennon’s attorney told the judge his client recently lost his job. According to court documents, Lennon has 45 previous cases dating back to 2000. Police say they also found drug paraphernalia with Lennon. 

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Your soul has to be filled with pure evil to plot something out like this. There are plenty of people struggling with addiction to heroin and other drugs who don’t scour the obituaries and specifically target grieving families on Memorial Day. This is a calculated and premeditated crime that took place in half a dozen towns within a 30 mile radius of Stoughton. He had the transportation and means to commit this crime because he previously had some sort of employment, but likely lost it because drugs were more appealing to him. But drugs didn’t make him do this; he chose to be this evil.

Of course the guy with 45 previous charges and a bunch of warrants out for his arrest was free to commit crimes. It’s not like he was bound to reoffend or anything like that.

Here’s the last thing he posted on Facebook three weeks ago:

“There’s still so much good. Leading the way in that department is always my sunshine.”

There is a lot of good in this world indeed. The family you targeted was out mourning the loss of their 75 year old loved one and Vietnam veteran. He was good, they are good. You are evil, and the only thing you lead the way in is excuses, destructions, failure, and Google trophies.


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