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Student Shot At Dorchester High School 2 Weeks After Stabbing, Mayor Wu And Councillor Mejia Still Oppose Resource Officers And Metal Detectors Because Equity


A student who was shot by another student today at Jeremiah Burke High School in Dorchester is currently in stable condition. The shooter has been arrested, but not named, and the school went into lockdown at 9:30 this morning.

Two weeks ago at this same school a student stabbed another student:

A 17-year-old boy from Randolph is facing an assault and battery with a dangerous weapon charge after an 18-year-old student was stabbed at Jeremiah E. Burke High School on Monday morning. The juvenile, whose name has not been released, was arraigned Tuesday at Dorchester Juvenile Court for allegedly using a knife in the assault at the Dorchester school, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement. Boston police responded to the scene at 60 Washington St. around 11 a.m. after receiving a report that a person had been stabbed. At the scene, police found an 18-year-old male student suffering from non-life threatening stab wounds to his shoulder. The victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Last November Patricia Lampron, the beloved Principal at William Henderson Inclusion School in Dorchester, was hospitalized after being viciously assaulted by a student and knocked unconscious. At that time Michelle Wu had just been elected Mayor on a platform of removing school resource officers from public schools, because the presence of officer inside schools was racist, or something. The assault, which could’ve been prevented with a resource officer in the building, didn’t change Wu’s mind.

Despite yesterday’s violent attack on the principal of Dorchester’s Henderson School, Wu still says officers do not belong in schools. But Wu continues to support the school safety measures she laid out during the campaign, when she called for “ending the criminalization of students.”

“It points for the need for us really to be really investing in our young people, in our school system, in the supports that are necessary all throughout the system,” Wu said. “We need in particularly in this moment coming out of the pandemic, when there’s been such stress, anxiety, trauma on our families to be putting more resources into social and emotional supports, into the wraparound services that our schools should be providing.”

Don’t trust anyone whose solution to violence and murder is to “invest in our young people.” That’s code for “we’re not gonna do anything to make this a safer place to live.” They just want more money for diversity trainings and climate consultants, and in no way is that hyperbole:

Boston has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, so I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that the student who did this didn’t obtain a firearm legally. And every time gun laws are revealed to be ineffective at stopping gun violence they always respond with “we need to invest in our young people,” because they know that their policies have failed.

Right on cue today this was Michelle Wu’s reaction to the shooting:

“We need to fund the work that we’re doing in the Boston Public Schools to support our young people.”

Oh look, she thinks we should “invest in our youth” again. Ya know what would be a good investment to protect children in the BPS? Trained police officers who are aware of which students have gang affiliations, know who beefed with who over the weekend, and can deter gun violence in school with their mere presence. But they can’t do that because the teenage Mayor believes that safety precautions negatively impact safety:

During the campaign, Wu’s position on school safety was laid out in her education plan, A Community Vision for Boston’s Students and Families.

“Metal detectors have been found to negatively impact students’ sense of safety at school, while school resource officers (SROs) disproportionately criminalize Black and Latinx students, perpetuating the school-to-prison pipeline.” Wu wrote.

“We must immediately move to dismantle these punitive measures and reinvest in restorative justice practices employed by trusted, adult school community members.”

Ya got that? We can’t have trained safety professional patrolling schools with 18 year olds from some of the worst neighborhoods in Boston because the Latinx kids will get stuck in the school to prison pipeline. Safety will always come after equity for communists. Metal detectors are racist because they always beep when kids bring knives and guns into school, and if a disproportionate number of those kids are black or “Latinx,” then the metal detectors therefore must be racist. Sure, kids will get shot and stabbed in school, but at least there will be equity.

Here’s what City Councillor Julia Mejia had to say about school safety measures:

The fact that we are governed by people who are this dumb, and care so little for our safety, is exactly why the Second Amendment exists. This is the same woman who wanted to ban asphalt last year because she said it was the cause of gun violence.


Here’s what Councillor Asphalt was doing with the teenage Mayor after the shooting.

Oh look, they’re posting on Tik Tok. That’s so hip! #MomSquad

Mayor Wu had some tough words for the gang bangers who are committing acts of violence though:

“It’s not OK.”

Ya heard that guys? It’s not OK. You gotta stop shooting each other or Michelle Wu’s gonna invest more money in restorative justice and solar panels.

She rightly stated that it can’t be the school’s job to stop this violence:

“It cannot be the responsibility of just our school department to address violence in our communities.”

Ya know, because teachers are paid to teach. But there are these other people called “police officers” who literally exist to address violence in the community. Maybe use them.

She’s got it covered though:

“We  will do everything possible to pour into our young people, to provide services and supports. Our trauma teams are on scene right now.”

Oh good, more services! After every weekly shooting or stabbing all students at that school get free trauma counseling. Always better to react to violence than to do something that might prevent violence in the first place.

Why is shooter’s identity being hidden? Because they’re too incompetent to actually kill their target? If the other kid died it would be a murder charge and we’d know his name. I don’t have any details on this story yet, but I’m willing to bet the shooter is well known to police and therefore could’ve been identified by a school resource officer before doing what he did today. If you do have more information about the identity of the shooter, feel free to email [email protected]. And if they have social media then screenshot everything first.


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