Sturbridge Fire Department Administrative Assistant Targeted Mommy Mug Business In Anti-Police Facebook Group For Having Opinions


Earlier in the week we published a blog about some white Sturbridge women who created a list of local businesses to harass, unless they pledged their loyalty to black lives matter. It’s caused quite a stir in town and I boom-roasted each and every one of them on the live show Tuesday.

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However, what we failed to report is that one of the biggest ringleaders is also an administrative assistant for the fire department, which shares a building with the police department in Sturbridge. Meet Kristin Wilmarth.

She was the one looking for the list of businesses to target, and said she wanted to add some more names.

In particular she wanted to harass a woman named Tracey Bousquet, who runs a business out of her home selling Mommy mugs and stuff like that, for the crime of having opinions about common sense voter ID laws that over 75% of Americans support.

There is nothing more racist than a woke white woman who assumes that black people are incapable of obtaining an ID. Their patriarchal attitude towards an entire race of people infantilizes them by suggesting that they are too stupid and poor to get an ID. The only people who can’t get ID are illegal immigrants, which is exactly why people Kristin oppose voter ID laws. They want to win elections, and they’re willing to pretend that black people are under attack if you want any sort of oversight.

This is the family that Kristin would have you believe is racist because they have different political opinions than her.

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You have to be pure evil to target a small business owner and mother of a multi-racial family for the crime of not agreeing with you on a particular political issue.

This group, which has since disbanded, was vile in the way it targeted law enforcement. They went after any business that supported police.

Including the police themselves for honoring murdered cops.

They harassed a coffee shop for hosting “coffee with a cop” with the State Police.

Kristin Walmarth is one of the ringleaders and most active participants in this group, which was created to demean law enforcement officers and target those who support them. She’s all over the Sturbridge Fire Department Facebook page hereSince she likes to target organizations who employ people she doesn’t agree with I’m sure she wouldn’t mind having people contact Chief John Grasso Jr to let him know that he employs an anti-police white supremacist by the name of Kristin Walmarth. You can email anyone on this list by clicking on their name on the Staff Contacts list.

I wonder what Sturbridge Police officers think seeing this woman at work every day, knowing that she hates them so much that she’s willing to harass and boycott any business that shows any sort of support for them. That’s got to be awkward. Maybe she should find a new line of work because she definitely deserves a good cancelling.


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