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Sturbridge Woman Targeting Coffee Shop For Hosting Coffee With A Cop Was Welcomed With Free Wifi There After Moving To Town In 2018


On last night’s live show we did a little more digging into the Sturbridge SJWs who made a list of local business to target and harass if they didn’t give into their demands to pledge allegiance to black lives matter.

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The ringleader Sarah Prager only moved to town in 2018 and asked the community for help when she first arrived.

One of the first people to welcome her to town was Jessica Petrie-Cummings from Petrie Family Farm.

Sarah returned the favor 3 years later by putting her on her hit list for the crime of being “not progressive.”

Sarah was very excited as so many people reached out to make her feel at home in her new home. One of these people was Pia Beauchain Rogers, owner of Sturbridge Coffeehouse.

For their generosity Sarah rewarded her by targeting Pia’s business for hosting “coffee with a cop.”

She put them on her list because you “can’t care about black people and also support police officers.” What an idiotic statement. As if there are no black cops, or black people who support cops. Only a racist white supremacist like Sarah Prager would ever say something so ignorant.

But wait, it gets worse. In 2018 Sarah also asked the community Facebook group if she could go somewhere and work remotely (she doesn’t have a real job), and the Sturbridge Coffeehouse invited her to have her own office at their business complete with free wifi.

Three years later she publicly accused them of not caring about black people because they hosted a community outreach program with the police.

This is the face of pure evil:

Don’t let the smiles and the rainbows fool you. This woman and people like her have ice water in their veins and hatred in her souls. Think of how depraved and twisted you have to be to move to a town you just got to 3 years ago, get welcomed with open arms by all the people and business owners there, and then go on and make a hit list to financially harm these same people because they won’t get in line and sign a pledge to go along with your political opinions in supporting a domestic terrorist group.

Sarah Prager is welcome to come on the Live show to discuss this with me and share her side of the story by emailing [email protected] Something tells me she won’t though because she’s not used to interacting with people who view the world differently than her.


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