Supporters Defend Quincy Woman Who Stabbed Man To Death For No Reason, Mom Interrupts Video Of Suspect Beating Up Friend For Spitting 


Yesterday we published a blog Alyssa Dellamano (commonly known in town as the “Taco Tickler”) and her family, after Alyssa stabbed a a man to death for no apparent reason. The details came have since come out in court and she apparently evaded the police by going to such distant lands as Weymouth and Rockland. Like they’re not gonna find your butch ass in Weymouth.

Just when you thought she couldn’t get more ratchet we found a video she posted on Facebook Live with her friend Colleen Callahan, AKA “Coco the Blood,” in which the Taco Tickler says the n word dozens of times, says she smokes “n word-ports,” and then starts kicking the crap out of Coco the Blood leading to her mother calling her up to remind her that she was doing this on Facebook Live. Prior to the fight the two ratchets were actually recording a video of themselves taunting a rival ratchet, but their friendship ended at the 1:50 mark when Coco the Blood spat in order to prove a point, but it landed in the Taco Tickler’s niece’s bed, prompting the beat down. Mom calls at the 3:05 mark.

Oh and I’m told that Mom lives in a tent. Because, of course she does.

Mom also promised that the truth would come out – FAX!

Those FAX have since been revealed and the victim didn’t know his killer, the incident was random, and the fact that his GoFundMe has raised over $40K indicates that he was a well liked and respected man.

Nevertheless Team Free Muh Boi 501c3 has been out in full force defending her honor on the Taco Tickler’s Facebook page where she was posting Sponge Bob memes the day after stabbing Cameron Nohmy for no apparent reason.

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I expected nothing less from a south shore gutter queen who takes selfies while getting plowed by strange men mid thrust.

Her friend Laurie Alice suggested that she was only running from the cops because she was having a panic attack.

The thing about facing life in prison is that you might panic after realizing that your life is over.

Finally there was Stacie Molvar, a former beauty queen whose teeth are so far apart that even Steven Gostkowski could kick a ball through them.


If an ashtray had a face.

Stacie had a lot to say.

No, I was not there. Luckily her own friends snitched on her, probably because she has a tendency to attack (literally) friends on Facebook Live streams when they annoy her.

She also wasn’t hiding, she was just “being her.”

And by “being her” she means going from crackhouse to crackhouse updating her Facebook page and looking for some last minute scissoring before spending the rest of her life in jail.

So what was Stacie in for?

Oh good, she knows a thing or two about stabbing. And just like the Taco Tickler, she dindu nuffin either.

Unfortunately for her jail wasn’t nearly as fun as it will be for the Taco Tickler, since she’s “strictly dickly.”

Alyssa also had warrants out and had been arrested several times before. But instead of giving the police more power to hunt down these criminals or increase punishments, we spent the last three months giving criminals more rights while punishing cops everywhere for George Floyd. Makes sense.


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