Surveillance Video Shows Convicted Murderer With Gym Privileges Beating Corrections Officer Matt Tidman With Gym Equipment


We have obtained surveillance footage from Shirley Medium Prison of the planned attack on Corrections Officer Matt Tidman at the hands of inmate Roy Booth that put Tidman into a medically induced coma. We must warn you that it’s disturbing:

Just a reminder that Roy Booth was transferred to Shirley from Virginia because he assaulted too many CO’s down there, and for some reason we decided to take him in. When he got here he told a CO that he would stab him or any other guard the first chance he got because he had “nothing to lose.”

Despite this declaration of an intent to hurt officers, Booth wasn’t sent to Souza-Baranowski Maximum Security, but he was given gym privileges. He then disassembled a weight lifting set, held onto a bar, and lay in wait for the right time to strike:

As soon as the other CO started walking away he viciously snuck up from behind Tidman like the coward that he is and bashed him in the head:

He then struck his lifeless body 3 more times as other prisoners looked on and got the hell out of there, lest they be accused of working with him.


Within seconds another CO had tackled him to the ground and restrained him.

Amazing they can do that without guns, batons, tasers, or pepper spray. Think of how crazy it is to be a CO in a place like this. It’s just you and the most violent people in the state, many of whom have nothing to lose and have no problem killing someone because they’re in there for life anyway, and all you have to protect yourself are your fists.

These defenseless public servants are the people that politicians like Jamie Eldridge and Liz Miranda spend to choose to spend their time vilifying.

Our elected officials have gone to great lengths to make sure that people like Roy Booth have access to privileges while behind bars, and they want to pass legislation that will ban life without parole so that people like Roy Booth can do this to innocent people outside prison walls. But they won’t do anything to ensure the safety of corrections officers.

Where are the Republican elected officials on this? We get meaningless virtue signaling like this from Gubernatorial candidate Geoff Diehl:

Oh good, he backs the blue and expresses his outrage. He even said so on Facebook. That should fix things. It’s his “understanding” that Tidman is fighting for his life. I dunno, Geoff doesn’t really have time to look into it. He’s busy losing by 30 points in the polls and raising money for a hopeless cause because he’s broke.

I know that Democrats are on the side of the criminals, but why aren’t Republicans as aggressive in their advocacy for LEO’s as Democrats are for prisoners? This should be a much bigger deal, and every conservative elected official should be demanding investigations into how this happened, and resignations for whoever made the decisions that led up to this.



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