Suspicious Character Letters From Ana Walshe’s Mother Kept Brian Walshe Out Of Jail, Probate Court Docs Call Brian A Sociopath Who Tried Killing 5 Men In China


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Prior to being arrested for lying to police who are investigating the disappearance of his wife, Brian Walshe was convicted in federal court for selling fraudulent Andy Warhol art to a LA art dealer for $80K. He also stole paintings from a friend in South Korea, whose wedding he had recently attended, and attempted to sell them to a dealer in New York. But despite being convicted of a serious federal crime in April of 2021, US Attorney Rachael Rollins showed him leniency by sentencing him to time served, probation, and a short term of house arrest so he could be with his family.

This changed in May of 2022 when it was revealed that Walshe was hiding money from the feds. In response he filed a 17 page document with the court explaining how it was all a big misunderstanding, and submitted character references in the form of letters the judge received on his behalf from his wife, his mother in law, and his sister in law.

walshe.affidavit-fbi (1)

Brian Walshe failed to disclose that he transferred $91K to Ana Walshe, which meant the feds didn’t know about it. This money could’ve gone to restitution for the victims. He admitted that he should have told probation this.

However, he went on to say that his mother gave him the money, which he then gave to his wife, which wasn’t the same as hiding the money because it wasn’t his money to begin with.

But all money comes from someone else, and nothing was stopping his mother from giving the money directly to Ana herself.

Walshe also claimed that he was a major part of saving his mother in law’s life in December 2021 when she was hospitalized with a brain aneurysm, and he cared for her after that while his wife was working in DC.

Milanka Ljubicic submitted a letter to the court from her home in Belgrade, Serbia, just months later, stating point blank that he saved her life.

The letter wasn’t notarized, and she writes incredibly well in English for a woman who has spent her entire life in Eastern Europe, most of it under communist rule. It explicitly thanks the judge for saving her life by not sentencing Brian to prison:

“He was able to help me because of your mercy.”

Are we to believe that this woman couldn’t have gotten healthcare treatment were it not for the attentiveness of a professional con artist? Are we to believe that this letter was written by her, not him, despite his long and documented history of fraud?

His sister in law Aleksandra Dimitrilevic in Canada, and his wife Ana also submitted letters that were not notarized.

But Nurse Brian needs to stay out of jail because he isn’t just essential for his mother in law, his mother also need him to survive because she moved in after getting sick too.

Except his mother’s house is in Swampscott, which he claimed he couldn’t find while traveling along the north shore in the days after Ana was last seen alive.

Brian is also a philanthropist who helps raise money for 9/11 first responders, autism, disabled sports, and the Mother’s Day Walk For Peace.

He’s a real hero.

These letters may have kept Brian Walshe out of jail but confined to his home. Had he been in prison he would’ve been unable to murder his wife. If his mother in law, sister in law, and wife actually wrote these letters they possibly could’ve contributed to her death. But this man is also a notorious con-artist, so it’s perfectly conceivable that he wrote those himself.

Ana Walshe was not innocent either, and knew exactly what her husband was doing. She directly benefitted off of his crimes, according to filings from the FBI in court, and conspired with him to hide money and assets (including two luxury cars) after the fact.

walshe.affidavit-fbi (1)


His wife went by Ana Knipp in the FBI documents. She was listed as the seller of the fraudulent paintings on eBay.


In response to Walshe’s filings where he made excuses for hiding money with his wife, Rachael Rollins called for a 30 month prison sentence and pointed out that the victims have not received restitution. She detailed the recent charge Brian Walshe had just picked up for looting his dead father’s Hull home after finding out he was kept out of the will.

walshe-supplemental-sentencing-memo (1)

He took over $100K out of his dead father’s bank account, along with paintings, jewelry, and a car from his home, all of which he sold and never reported to the government as assets.


As part of the government’s filings they included an affidavit from Andrew Walshe, Brian’s cousin, who was close with Brian’s father (his uncle). Thomas Walshe was so close to and fond of his nephew that he asked Andrew to be the executor of his estate. He also alleged that the reason Brian Walshe was kept out of the will was because he stole over $1 million from his father, and then disappeared from his life completely. This forced his father to work well past the age he wanted to retire at.

After Tom died and Brian found out he was kept out of the will, Brian tried a number of tricks to make sure he received his inheritance. He said that he was close with his father and that his father was not in the right state of mind when he wrote his will. But Tom’s friends knew all about his relationship with Brian and submitted affidavits in Plymouth Probate Court to prevent him from robbing his father’s estate.

Tom’s friend Jeffrey Ornstein stated that Brian had been a long term patient at Austen Riggs Center Physchiatric Hospital and was diagnosed as a sociopath. Ornstein broke the news about Tom’s death to his ex-wife Dianna (Briant’s mother) and Brian. He said that although Dianna sobbed uncontrollably, Brian showed no emotion or sense of loss, and could not have been more businesslike.

Dr. Fred Pescatore stated in an affidavit that Tom wanted nothing to do with his son or grandkids, which is why he kept him out of the will. He said that Dr. Martin Samuels, a work friend of Tom Walshe, described Brian as an “evil person capable of just about anything.”


The affidavit from Pescatore, said that what Brian had done to his father by stealing around $1 million, was similar to what he did by conning people with fake Andy Warhol art. He said Brian was a sociopath who kept getting kicked out of schools as a kid, and participated in “alternative lifestyles.” He also went on to say that on a trip to China he witnessed Brian try to smuggle antiquities out of the country, and then tried to murder four or five guards with a stanchion when they tried to question him. He described Brian as a “very angry and physically violent person.”

By now it’s quite obvious that Brian Walshe murdered his wife. Today they found more evidence in a Peabody dump implicating him, and I expect a murder charge any day now. My best guess is that Ana Walshe wanted to move the children to her house in DC because it was clear Brian would be sentenced to prison. She also may have found a new love interest down there, since it’s where she spent most of her time. This coupled together with Brian’s history of mental illness and rage would explain why he killed her.

But this all could’ve been avoided if he was in jail where he belonged. Unfortunately the US Attorney’s Office under the direction of Rachael Rollins, and Judge Woodcock allowed themselves to be out-conned by the ultimate conman.


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