Swampscott Restaurant Nearly Washes Away At Sea 3 Years After Banning Customer When Eavesdropping Bartender Heard Him Say He Doesn’t Support BLM


Three years ago we wrote about a restaurant in Swampscott called Mission on the Bay when they banned a Selectman from eating there because a bartender eavesdropped on his conversation, heard him say that he doesn’t support the communist organization known as “black lives matter,” and blasted the Selectman on social media.

After initially firing the bartender for eavesdropping on a paying customer and airing the contents of his private conversation on social media, owner Wellington Augusto caved to public pressure and banned the customer Don Hause instead.

I still remember this story very well, as it was one of the most egregiously horrible things I’ve ever seen a business do. They were actively discriminating based on political viewpoints (not liking a communist group that riots and burns down American cities), and rewarding some shit dick employee who used social media to smear a paying customer. Their willingness to bend the knee to an online outrage mob, rather than stand up for paying customers who had their privacy violated by this loser employee, was enraging.

It doesn’t matter if you agreed with the customer’s opinion that BLM was “liberal bullshit,” or that white privilege isn’t a real thing (it’s not). All decent people should refuse to accept the fact that you will be banned from a restaurant if you have the wrong political opinions and talk about them while eating dinner.¬†This wasn’t the most widely read blog I ever published, but I still remember it more than any other story from that summer because it was the most egregious. Since then I’ve been waiting for Karma to hit Mission on the Bay.

Today was the day I was waiting for:

It’s just so beautiful. Makes me so happy. The only way it could be better is if it washed out to sea completely. Make no mistake about it – this is what Karma looks like. This is a gutless person, who made a shitty decision because he’s a spineless coward that damaged an innocent person, and the universe evened itself out three years later. The post is still up on their Facebook page. Feel free to laugh and laugh and laugh at them by clicking here.






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