Taunton Man Doxxes Woman, Accuses Her Family Of Head On Hit And Run, Gets Exposed As A Liar 


This is Jordan Holland from Taunton.

A couple days ago he made a post on Facebook that was shared hundreds of times, looking to identify the Hispanic male who crashed head onto into his brother while driving without a license. Remarkably he was able to get a picture of the other driver’s license plate, which was registered to a woman named Lyndsey. He called her out for it in the post.

Wait….what? How did his brother get a picture of the other car’s license plate if he just crashed head into them and his car looks more beat up than Nikki Evans’ stench trench? Why isn’t the other car equally destroyed? How did the Kia drive out of there if it was just in a head on collision?

But Jordan didn’t ask any of those questions. Instead he blindly took his brother’s word for it, and began to call out other people and blame their kids for stealing the Kia and crashing it.

He said it was in the police’s hands.

Then Lyndsey ended up seeing the post and called him out for it.


According to her the whole thing was a lie, and she had video of the Kia to show it was in pristine condition and hadn’t been in any collisions.


Then Mom showed up.


She spilled the beans that her son Devin didn’t actually crash into anyone, but he was a hero for swerving out of the way of the Kia and crashing his car in the process.

So…he was driving so fast that his car ended up like this:

And remarkably he was able to get out of his car and take a zoomed in picture of a license plate on the other car, which for some reason hadn’t left the scene of the crime by then.  He also didn’t get a picture of the young Hispanic male driver, but he did get the license plate.

Yes, this all makes perfect sense.

It just so happens that Devin Holland has previously been summonsed by the Taunton Police for driving an unregistered car, and has a recent $4,100 judgement against him in small claims court.

But yea, I’m sure this accident was totally someone else’s fault.

Anyway, after Lyndsey’s family showed up and started calling Jordan out for being a moron who fell for his brother’s lies he ended up taking down the post. We reached out to him for comment to see why he’d publicly shame an innocent woman and her family like that but he hasn’t gotten back to us yet. We’ll keep you posted if he does.


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