Teresa English Mocks Opponent’s Children After 10 Point Billerica State Rep Loss, Says They’re Psychologically Damaged Because He’s Going Through Divorce 


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One of the only Republicans in win statewide in Massachusetts last week was Billerica State Rep Marc Lombardo, who easily defeated repeat challenger Teresa English by 10 points. We blogged about Teresa last month after she started sending threatening letters to random people she wanted to represent because they were asking questions about the questionable military service she was running on, and her recently discovered criminal history.

English insisted she would win this election, and wasn’t prepared for the possibility that she may lose. So it’s not surprising that after she lost she never bothered to congratulate her opponent on his easy victory, and instead decided to smear him in one of the most despicable emails I’ve ever read. She began by trashing the Democratic Speaker of the House, while complaining that current members are two male and white, despite being white herself and unable to define what a male is.

“I would have impacted Billerica in immeasurable ways.”

Prefacing a statement like that with “I say that without ego,” doesn’t make what you said any less egotistical. This is the height of arrogance.

“With my unique skill set there were real possibilities to have an impact.”

What skill set is that? You don’t have a job. You’re a carpetbagger who covered up a crime you committed in Virginia, and your military background is undocumented and sketchy. You have no skills, and the people of Billerica soundly rejected you for that.

Additionally, you had the benefit of being a Democrat in the bluest state in the country. You had two sitting members of Congress (Lori Trahan and Seth Moulton) campaigning and knocking on doors for you.

And you still lose by double digits. Read the room – no one likes you. And it has nothing to do with your politics, and everything to do with your horrible personality and character.

Then in one of the lowest things I’ve ever seen she went on to mock Lombardo for going through a divorce, trash his current relationship, and bring his children into it by saying that they will experience “psychological damage from daddy making mommy cry, a divorce happening in the public eye, and the transitions between middle and high school.” And when you thought she couldn’t get any worse she crapped on him for BEING EMPLOYED, which prevents him from being a full time hack at the public trough.

You are a lowlife, despicable trashbag Teresa, and so is every single person standing by you. This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever read from a politician. Although, you’re not really a politician because you’ve never been elected to anything as a Democrat in Massachusetts.

Teresa, Marc Lombardo is a classy guy so he’s not going to jump in the gutter with you, but I will. Your comment about Marc working out and having shirts a size too small reeks of insecurity. I get it – it’s hard to compare with your husband.

“I don’t think his current relationship is healthy.”

You know what else isn’t healthy, Teresa? Diabetes.


I would be insecure too if I was a woman and the sole bread winner in my house had bigger tits than me.

I won’t bring up your kids like you brought up his, or talk about how you’re making them look like they were products of a fling with your transgender ginger mailman, because only a complete degenerate brings someone’s children up because they’re mad they lost an election by 10 points. Either way, Marc’s kids seem to be doing OK and you should probably stop talking about them immediately.

A person’s personal life is just that – personal. People get divorced, it’s not a big deal. The details are none of anyone’s business, and only a complete degenerate would bring that up in a post-defeat email. You don’t get to cry about people bullying you after bringing someone else’s children into it.

She of course made herself the victim, claiming to be the target of harassment. She hilariously said that she doesn’t care when people don’t like her or say mean things about her, despite sending multiple people cease and desist letters for asking her questions on Facebook. And speaking of family issues, Teresa is upset with her dead grandmother who pointed out the unfortunate fact that Teresa is morbidly obese. Additionally, her poor husband has had to work overtime while she ran this losing campaign that she “quit” her job as a teacher to pursue, in order to pay the bills.

I’m with grandma. Instead of binging on Netflix why don’t you sign up for a membership at Planet Fitness and consider getting a job. At least she concedes that she won’t lose for a third time in a row in 2024.

Good riddance Teresa. If there was any doubt that the people of Billerica made the right choice in rejecting you, it’s clear as day now. No one here likes you, especially your poor kids and husband.

p.s. Just when you thought she couldn’t get any worse:


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