Billerica State Rep Candidate Sends Random People On Facebook Threatening Letter For Asking About Her Alleged Military Service And Felony Hit And Run

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Marc Lombardo is the Republican State Rep for Billerica, one of the few red towns in Massachusetts. Marc isn’t some Rino shmuck either – he’s SOLID. He was the only elected official calling on Charlie Baker to reopen the state in May of 2020. He was the only Republican in the House who refused to sign off on some meaningless condemnation of another Republican woman because she had the wrong opinions about social issues, because the left never does that to their own. He was one of only 4 Republicans who actually responded to this reporter for a request on the Liz Miranda racist tweets scandal, and put out a statement calling for her resignation.


Billerica is lucky to have Marc.

Lombardo is one of only 30 out of 160 members of the House of Representatives who is a Republican, but that sort of monopoly isn’t enough power for the communists, so of course a woman named Teresa English is trying to replace him.

She gave it a shot in the 2020 blue wave, and it didn’t work out well for her.

So she figured she’d try again in 2022.

The problem is that Marc Lombardo is well liked in Billerica, and a lot of people have questions about her past. On Teresa’s political candidate Facebook page you can see that she’s grilled about some shady things in her past, and she’s not handling it well. Yesterday at least 3 of the people commenting on her page received these threatening letters from her in the mail.




I thought this was a joke at first. This woman is really looking on Facebook at random comments from random people and then sending them threatening letters about deformation lawsuits if they don’t stop saying mean thing about her?

“I will immediately pursue further actions.”

Oh yea? Like what? You’re gonna sue them over hurt feelings? I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before in politics. Not even Michael T. Gaffney would come across this pathetic.

Newsflash – when you run for office people say mean things about you, and often they look into your past. They find shady things about you and talk about it because you’re trying to get elected to a body that writes laws that affect everyone. If you can’t handle that then don’t run for office.

It’s scary to think someone this dumb will probably get at least 40% of the vote in a red district. Ya see, there’s this thing called the First Amendment that allows us to share our opinions about public figures without being brought to court over it. You’re allowed to call someone a groomer if you believe that supporting the sexual transitioning of children is a bad thing. You’re allowed to accuse someone of supporting infanticide if you believe that abortion kills a human life. You’re allowed to speculate about whether or not she was a good teacher. You’re allowed to baselessly accuse someone of having bad integrity, because opinions will always be protected speech.

For what it’s worth, all of these opinions appear to be grounded in fact when it comes to Teresa English. In August rumors started spreading that she committed a felony hit and run when she was 19 and living in Virginia. She accused random Internet people of lying and demanded they produce an accident report.

So they did. (her maiden name was Pruett)

And she immediately made herself the victim because public information she intentionally hid from the public was made public.

She claimed that she couldn’t have done what she did because she was in the Air Force at the time and would’ve been downgraded and not have been allowed clearance. But that brought up more questions about her alleged service. She uses it a lot in her campaign materials.


Except the image she uses looks like a high school ROTC picture, and the hat may be photoshopped in.




She responded to the criticism by posting her scrapbook photos from basic training graduation.


Teresa reached out to one of the women who received a cease and desist letter and very defensively insisted that she wasn’t lying about her record.


The woman asked for documents to back up anything she said, but Teresa told her that her DD214’s were “privileged info,” and pulled the “I’m sorry that someone hurt you” card.


But the woman she sent the letter did to her homework and couldn’t find any service records for Teresa using her current or maiden name. She once again played the victim by claiming she was “disgusted” that a voter would ask questions of a political candidate who isn’t from here in regards to their extremely shady history.


Then she pulled the “I was raped” card, which was intended to distract from her alleged military service.

I have no idea if she was really raped, but given her lack of honesty so far it’s fair to question everything she says. Regardless, it has nothing to do with her military background or lack thereof.

Teresa mocked the woman by calling her an amateur investigator, even though she was single handedly doing the work the media used to do.

Sounds like we’ve got a plus sized Landon Steele on our hands here.

I’d also be interested to know more about why she left teaching in Lawrence after just 2 years to be a full time losing candidate for State Rep.

Do you know how bad you have to be at teaching to get fired in Lawrence? And shouldn’t someone who pretends to care about the impoverished, and racial minorities want to work in the poorest and most crime ridden city in Massachusetts? Why leave the job if you weren’t forced out of it? Funny that she quit the moment that teachers could no longer work remotely in their pajamas.

So just to review the 5 things Teresa English listed in her cease and desist letter that she considered libelous, and see if they were true, false, or opinion:


1. Criminal activity. She claims she has never been convicted of a felony, but she was. True.


2. Integrity. She claims to have never lied about her driving record, but suggested the idea that she was responsible for a hit and run was “less than credible.” True.


3. She says she was a teacher in excellent standing, but isn’t being endorsed by the teacher’s union, which is almost impossible for a democrat to do. True.

4. Grooming children. She claims she would not help anyone abuse a child, but she supports allowing children to change their gender at any age. This is basically the definition of grooming. True.

5. Infanticide. She supports partial birth abortion up to the moment of birth, so you can decide if you consider that infanticide or not. Opinion.

But none of this really matters at all. If you’re someone running for office and a random person on social media says you molested baby polar bears you just ignore it and move on with your day. You’re supposed to be above it all and shouldn’t waste a minute of your time on things that you know to be untrue. Imagine if every politician did this? Imagine if Donald Trump sued every media outlet that lied about him? People like Teresa English are always hooting and hollering about “threats to democracy,” but what’s more dangerous to our democracy than politicians who threaten to abuse the courts by suing powerless citizens who have the audacity to ask questions and share opinions about candidates they don’t like on the Internet?


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