Tewksbury Man Charged In Death Of Girlfriend Who Bailed Him Out Of Jail Days Earlier Had Restraining Orders Out Against Him


Six years ago Jennifer Martel was murdered by her baby’s father, Jared Remy. It was completely avoidable had Middlesex County DA Marian Ryan done her job and kept Remy in jail after a series of domestic violence incidents involving Martel. Instead he was allowed to remain free, and after he killed Martel the DA admitted that this was largely their fault.

When she came under fire at the time of Martel’s murder for letting Remy go, Ryan commissioned an independent review.  At the time the review was launched Ryan said, “There were things that could have been done differently, should have been done differently.”

Based on the story I read this week out of Tewksbury which MVTB just wrote about on TBS, it appears as if she’s learned nothing from that.

Police arrested Eric Griffin, 39, Sunday after the body of his girlfriend was found in the Archstone apartment complex in Tewksbury. Griffin was charged with assault and battery on a family member, according to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office. Griffin was arraigned in Lowell District Court Monday and ordered held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing Friday. Griffin, according to WCVB, has a lengthy criminal record and was released from prison last week. The news station identified the victim as Jennifer Kalicki, 39. Kalicki had two restraining orders against Griffin. A domestic violence case in which Kalicki was the victim was dismissed last week. Griffin called police on Sunday and said Kalicki was cold and not breathing. Investigators say she was dead when they arrived and had bumps, cuts and red marks. The victim’s sister told police she had texted her the day before to say Griffin “ripped the door open” and had her “pinned down, choking me, tossing me onto the ground,” according to court documents.

“He’s ripped the door open. Choked me, slammed me to the ground,” the text messages read. “Please help me. He’s losing it…I just need help. I’m tired of him making me the victim.”

Griffin’s sister never called the police. At the time of Kalicki’s death, Griffin had just gotten out of the Billerica House of Correction, where he was held on a drug charge. Griffin was released from jail on Wednesday. The only reason he got out is because Kalicki went to Lowell District Court and paid his $250 bail. Half a week later, Kalicki was dead- – at the hands of the man she helped get out of jail, investigators said.

Something tells me Mike is going shopping alone.

Just look at this guy.

You can see right through those eyes. The man has no soul. He does, however, have an ample supply of Google trophies.

This might be a stupid question, but why is someone with a restraining order out against them allowed to be bailed out of jail by the person who they’re restrained from contacting? Women in abusive relationships like this have a hard time leaving because they’re not thinking straight. If we really wanted to protect women, shouldn’t it be common sense that victims of domestic violence can’t bail their abusers out of jail if they have RO’s out against them? There’s literally a court document saying they can’t be around each other, yet they’re allowed to leave jail in the same car. Makes sense.

On Eric’s Facebook page he lists his job as “snapin necks and cashin checks.”

Which seems appropriate considering the crime he’s charged with.

The woman he murdered posted a new picture on Facebook in January and he had really romantic things to say about it.

He’s very attractive and desirable too, according to him.

He posted a new profile picture last year, presumably while he had a girlfriend, and bragged about how he didn’t have any gray hairs yet.

You may not have any gray hair, but you also don’t have a job or a future, which is why you were recently selling “never worn” work boots.

Which I’m sure were not stolen and were acquired legally. He just bought them with the intention of working, decided that freeloading off girlfriends and selling drugs was easier, and sold them for the same price he purchased them for on Facebook.

One woman was impressed with his profile picture and he couldn’t possibly have been more thirsty or arrogant in his responses to her.

Woman: “We should get the girls together”

Murderer: “I wanna f*** you.”

Woman: “We should just get the girls together.”

Smart move on her part, because she’d probably be dead right now.

He also has a daughter, who will luckily grow up without knowing her father now. But she’ll always have their priceless memories together, all of which took place in DCF visiting rooms.

The bottom line is that people like Marian Ryan, who virtue signal about protecting women and #MeToo, have the power to take steps that could save the lives of women. But they don’t, and instead they allow women like Jan Kalicki to bail their abusers out of jail after they’re arrested for domestic abuse.


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