The Middle East Nightclub And Other Places That Won’t Serve The Unvaccinated Should Be Flooded With Bad Reviews Until They They Stop Discriminating Against Black People


In case you haven’t noticed there is a push by elected officials to urge private businesses to do something the government can’t – ban people who haven’t gotten the COVID-19 vaccine. Look what New York City did today.

Here’s a fact – the largest group of people who aren’t getting vaccinated isn’t redneck Trump supporters, it’s black people by a lot.

This is what real Jim Crow and systemic racism looks like – the government urging businesses to find something that black people are less likely to do, and then banning people who don’t do that thing. These are the rules they’ve made – any law or rule that has an adverse effect on black and brown people (i.e. the war on drugs, or dress codes) is racist. Real white fragility is rich white New Yorkers banning unvaccinated black people from restaurants because they’re afraid to be around them.

We must not tolerate this new Jim Crow. It’s not enough to not be racist, we must be actively anti-racist. To that end we must work to cancel any business that participates in the New Jim Crow. One of those businesses is the Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub in Cambridge, which is a racist establishment systemically banning black people from eating there.

I would urge anyone who cares about racial justice to flood the Middle East with one star reviews on Google by clicking here, and on Facebook by clicking here.

Some may say that we’re “stooping to their level,” or abandoning our “principles” by embracing cancel culture. And you’d be absolutely right to say that. We didn’t start this culture war, but we’re sure as hell not going to stand here and allow the communists to burn our society to the ground while we brag about our principles.

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