Three Children And Their Parents Found Shot To Death In Abington Home, Father Lists Job As “Unemployed And Crazy” And Writes Children’s Books


Tragedy struck in Abington today as the bodies of three children (an 11 year old girl and her 9 year old twin brother and sister) were discovered, along with their mother and father Joe and Deirdre Zaccardi.

Brockton Enterprise: There are more questions than answers, Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz said, after a family of five was found dead inside a townhouse Monday morning. Cruz and Abington Police Chief David Majenski announced that the victims – three children and two adults – were found dead, all with apparent gunshot wounds, inside of a townhouse located at 135 Centre Ave. A relative discovered the victims when she went to the home to pick up one of the children for school, Cruz said.

The Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office identified the victims Monday evening as the Zaccardi family. Victims include 11-year-old Alexis Zaccardi, 9-year-old twins Nathaniel and Kathryn Zaccardi, 40-year-old Deidre Zaccardi and 43-year-old Joseph Zaccardi.

Officers and medical personnel were dispatched to the residence at 7:31 a.m. after a woman called 911 to report a young girl was found unresponsive and bleeding on a couch. Upon entering the residence, police first found the body of a 40-year-old woman, Cruz said. They then located three children and finally a 43-year-old man, all family members, Cruz said. Police said they do not believe there is currently any threat to the public, but would not immediately call the incident a murder-suicide.

“A crime occurred and three little children are gone forever as a result of this,” Cruz said.

Cruz did confirm that the weapon involved was a firearm, but did not note the type of firearm. He also declined to say if either adult member of the family had a valid license to carry. Cruz said that as of early Monday afternoon, officials were not aware of any ongoing domestic violence incidents.

Joe Franey Sr., 66, who owns Franey Refrigerator and Air Conditioning located next door said that the complex was “very quiet.”

“If there was commotion, they hid it very well,” he said. ”…There’s no reason to think anything like this would occur.”

We normally don’t blog about stories like this because it’s just too tragic. An entire family was destroyed in minutes. I can only imagine the sheer horror that was going through the mind of the last child whose life was taken by an adult they loved. We don’t know for sure which parent did this, but statistically speaking it’s likely to be the father. The mother’s body was the first one authorities discovered, and the father was last. We saw this last year in Colorado when Chris Watts killed his wife and two children. But Chris Watts did what he did for a reason – he was trying to start a new life. He wasn’t going to kill himself because he’s a coward, and he wasn’t clinically insane. It takes a very, very sick individual to do something like this. The kind of person who had no intention of living to face the consequences.

From the looks of Deirdre and Joe’s Facebook pages they appeared to be raising three healthy children in a loving home. However, Joe’s Facebook bio says his profession is “unemployed and going crazy.”

His only visible Facebook posts are about his recent self published books on Amazon.

It includes a link to one of his most recent books, “Sammy the Sad Catepillar.”




Another recent book doesn’t seem to be much of a book at all, and involves physically spinning or shaking the book to “help Henry get back to normal.” Henry is an elephant.

The books don’t appear to be selling well, as they don’t have many reviews, and they are simple and sometimes nonsensical. In fairness, authors of children’s books are generally untalented and anyone can write the books I read to my kids at night. If this is what he does for a living then he’s clearly not making money or thinking straight.

I’m sure more information will come out about this as the story develops. Was the father the killer? Was his gun legally owned? Were there signs of mental illness beforehand? Was any attempt made to force him to seek help? At the very least this is an example of the mental health crisis in our country. We can live in a country where the Second Amendment is respected, but we also have to live in a country where we make sure firearms don’t end up in the hands of the mentally ill.


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