Tik Tok Recovery Mom Says She’s Suing Me With The Boston ACLU For Writing Blog About The Lies She Told About Her Truant Daughter Being Banned From Prom


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Yesterday we published a blog about a Tik Tok recovery Mom named Crystal Carey who was contacting the media and claiming that Westerly High School wouldn’t let her and her daughter’s girlfriend go to the prom because they’re homophobic. In reality at least one of the girls was on social suspension because she was a truant who missed too many days of school.


Cruela De Pill wasn’t happy about how she was depicted in the blog and attempted ratchet redemption by messaging me on Facebook. Initially she said she’d come on the Live Show on Saturday night to share her side of the story, but her tone quickly changed after speaking to “the lawyers,” and by the end of the conversation she was talking deformation lawsuits and had blocked me. I have trouble translating Ratchetese to English sometimes, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even think I wrote the blog. You be the judge.

First she said she was going to send me a video of her daughter wiretapping the principal and the honor roll list, which would prove…..something.

But I included that recording in the blog, which she clearly missed because her brain is filled with Newport Light ashes and AIDS. In the video the principal clearly states that one of the girls has 20 absences, which was over the allowed amount by 4 days. He said he could’ve let that one slide, but the other girl had many more absences than that.

Principal: “You were only over by 4 days. But you were over by…like I said, if it was close we could’ve said that you were doing better, but you weren’t close.”

Junkie’s daughter: “Mr. Luppe 4 days isn’t close?”

Principal: “Did you wanna go by yourself and without her? I wouldn’t if I was you.”

First of all, 4 days isn’t close. It’s 25% more than the allowed amount, which is too many already. Show up to school or don’t complain about not being able to do fun things.

Secondly, the principal said he could’ve made it happen for the girl with 20 absences, but the other girl had way more than that and he figured she wouldn’t wanna go without her. Kind of eliminates the idea that he’s homophobic.

Thirdly, this video proves that both girls missed too many days of school to go to the prom, which neither disputes.

Crystal claimed the school never tried to contact her, even though they’ve shown the news they have, and she continued to deflect by claiming that her daughter snitched on kids selling drugs.

Congrats – she made the honor roll one quarter. She still had 20 absences so she can’t go to the prom.

She then copy and pasted an email she sent to the superintendent threatening to sue him and naming high school kids she believes are drug dealers, as if this somehow proves that her daughter didn’t miss 20 days of school and was discriminated against for being a lesbian.

“Why was I never contacted regarding her attendance?”

I dunno, do you have custody? Maybe you were on Tik Tok feeling bad for yourself and desperately looking for attention when he tried reaching you. Either way, you’re a parent. If you don’t know that your kid isn’t going to school then you’ve failed to do your job. Stop blaming your kid’s teachers for your own failings as a caregiver.

She copied and pasted the superintendent’s response, which was based.

So he sent her a letter about the absences via USPS to alert her and she didn’t read it. They bought tickets knowing they wouldn’t be allowed to go inside. He felt bad about it when they showed up anyway so he gave them $20 out of his own pocket and refunded their tickets.

She also told me that the ACLU was taking her case now, she continued to claim that the video her daughter recorded showed that she could go to the prom (it doesn’t), and she claimed I defamed her character with the blog.

Then she told me that I must not know what a big shot she is because she has a YouTube channel, said she was referred to me by an “auditor,” and kept claiming I did a video on her. (I won’t be doing any videos about her until tonight at 9 PM. Click here to subscribe and watch.)

“From one auditor to another.”

Kids, you can’t undo years and years of heroin with a Tik Tok account.

After speaking with “the lawyers” she cancelled her interview and informed me that I must remove the blog or face a deformation trial. I asked her what I got wrong.

Cruela De Pill said that her daughter’s girlfriend missed 20 days of school, but her daughter only missed 7. In the video she sent me herself you can clearly hear the principal say that she missed 20 days, which her daughter admits was 4 more than she was allowed to miss.

For that reason she was going to make an example of me, and pulled the “you don’t know who you’re messing with” card.

I’m pretty I know exactly who you are – the international mascot for discount handies.


She alleged that I deformed her character by claiming that she lost custody of her kids.

“I lost my children.” – Cruella De Pill.


She also admitted that she kicked her husband out of the house, which led to his death.


A junkie, a liar, and a deadbeat Mom who admits on tape that she is the reason her husband died. Turtleboy has finally met his match.

She said she was going live with something called Auditing America, run by a vertically challenged man named Will Turbitt who has been arrested 4 times for driving with a suspended license, in order to expose me.

She alleged that I lied when I said she’s from Westerly, even though her daughter attended Westerly High School. She ended by going on a tangent about how successful her businesses are compared to me, claimed to have two houses, told me what a horrible reporter I am, and then blocked me.

Anyway, she blocked me so I can’t message her back, but if turtle riders wanna message her for me and tell her the offer still stands feel free to.


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