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Tom Mountain Resigns In Disgrace After Getting Catfished, Making Sexual Comments About Teens, Says He’s Suing And Filing Criminal Charges


Breaking News: Orgy master Tom Mountain has resigned from his high profile job as Mass GOP Vice Chairman after being exposed as a fool and a liar for getting catfished and leaving sexual comments on pictures of a 14 year old girl. But he’s not sorry, and he’s coming after the people who set him up!

I read all the messages in Tom Mountain voice on the Live Show Saturday (47:30) and the Israeli model voice Thursday. Subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here.

Another addition to the Turtleboy graveyard!

I can’t get over what a horrible liar Tom Mountain is. Literally no one believes anything he said, but he’s still pretending like he is some sort of well respected, legitimate political operative. This person he spilled the most intimate details to wasn’t real, he made no attempt to verify that she was, but he thought she was and he attempted to deceive her by telling her that he was some sort of legitimate modeling expert. Let’s imagine she was real, as Tom thought she was. It would mean that he deceived her intentionally in order to get naked pictures of her to pleasure himself with. He told her the pictures she was sending with clothes on were bad and urged her to send pictures with less clothes on. He did so specifically so this young woman, who he thought was an aspiring model, would send him naked pictures of herself that he could masturbate to, knowing that he would not advance her professional career.

“I am the victim of a crime.”

No, you’re not. If she were real then she might be. You are simply an idiot who got catfished by the fakest account in the history of catfishing, and you opened up to a complete stranger with ridiculous lies about having sex with married women at gang bangs, blowing your load in the face of a Hawaiian woman, and most embarrassingly telling this stranger that she could shove a strap on dildo inside you.

“I’ve retained legal counsel and we are in the process of hiring an investigator to get the appropriate records from Facebook about how this happened.”

Oh good, he’s wasting money on an attorney and a PI so they can call 1-800-Facebook. Everyone knows they’ll just hand over information on their users to Tom Mountain because he’s THAT important.

Hey Tom, let me save you some time and money. Your lawyer will bill you for the hours because work is work, the PI won’t find out anything, and it “happened” because you called a 14 year old girl sexy, lied about being hacked, and then bragged to a complete stranger using a burner account about your imaginary sexual escapades. Have the PI call me and I’ll testify under oath that you told me on the phone that you were never hacked. Mystery solved!

“I look forward to discovering who participated in this fraudulent conspiracy.”

There was no conspiracy. It was just one person making a fake Facebook account. That’s literally all it took to get you to do this to yourself. And making a fake Facebook account isn’t a crime. Please try to sound less like a boomer. Thanks.

“Regardless of the truth about what happened, this blog post has rendered me incapable of serving as an effective officer of the Mass GOP.”

Translation – I got exposed like Turtleboy and can never show my face in public again because all anyone will be able to think about when looking at me is that strap on.

This guy just cannot stop lying. At first I kind of felt bad for him because he’s not good at social media and was humiliated in the worst way possible. But as it turns out he’s a lying sociopath who still talks like he’s some sort of respected person in the community. He’s acting like he’s stepping down in a selfless act of devotion to the party, when in fact he brought shame and humiliation to the party. I also know as a fact that he’s stepping down because his wife told him he had to. Turns out she didn’t like that he lied to this woman about their “open” relationship.

He was pressured to step down because the Mass GOP called a special meeting Monday to kick him out.

“Shown up on a blog.”

Jim Lyons needs to go too. If you don’t know Turtleboy by name at this point the you’re simply too old to be a leader in party politics. No one exposes horrible people quite like TB, and the fact Jim doesn’t take advantage of that by working together tells you everything you need to know about him.

P.S. Tom Mountain and I spoke on the phone for 25 minutes about this last week. If he would like to explain to a larger audience how he was hacked and wronged I would be more than willing to have him on the Live Show.


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