Tony Branch’s 2 Challengers Are Coming On The Live Show, New Footage Shows Branch Giving Unhinged Speech At Brockton Democratic City Committee Breakfast


A couple weeks ago we blogged about how disgraced Southeastern Regional School Committee Chair Tony Branch has 2 challengers this November for the seat he currently holds from Brockton.

Maggie Pinney and Jamie Hodges both reached out after I published the blog and wanted to share with me their reasons for running. I will not be endorsing either, but I wanted to give both of them a chance to share with our followers why they are running, and why people should vote for them on election day. All residents of Mansfield, Norton, Foxborough, Stoughton, Brockton, Easton, Sharon, West and East Bridgewater will get to vote, not just Brockton residents. So I would encourage you to tune in tonight at 9 PM (click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel) if you live in these towns, to decide who you think should represent you on the School Committee. We’ll also be discussing the Asima Silva election fraud story I broke yesterday.

My fear is that they will split the vote, which would only help Tony Branch. But I believe that enough people in the 9 towns have read about the substantially true allegations that he had sex with a 15 year old girl, has been charged with gun crimes, has had multiple women take out restraining orders on him, and has had countless judgments against him including a 2018 eviction in the home he’s currently squatting in, that he will be finishing in dead last.

As for the ongoing lawsuit with Branch, our hearing for the motion on summary judgment (dismissal) will be in Brockton Superior Court at 2 PM on December 8. I will be doing a press conference after the hearing and all are invited to attend the open court hearing.

Last month at the Brockton Democratic City Committee Breakfast both Jamie Hodges and Tony Branch got a chance to speak. Jamie starts around the 40:45 mark and speaks for the allotted 2 minutes they gave her. Then at the 42:50 mark Tony Branch speaks for well over 2 minutes. He is noticeably angry and on tilt, like he always is, as the pressure of being exposed as a diddler is clearly getting to him. As he is being introduced he immediately corrects the MC who introduced him as a member of the Southeastern Regional School Committee, to point out that he is the Chair of the committee. A summation of his speech is basically “vote for me because I’m black,” even though both of his opponents are black.

Ya wanna know what misogyny looks like? Contrast the way Jamie was treated with the way Tony was treated. She was told she had 2 minutes, and they timed it. He was given as long as he wanted. She was respectful as some people talked while she was speaking. He yelled at them to stop talking. She was calm and collected, while he yelled and mansplained. If the Democrats actually cared about sexism and the way women are treated differently than men, then they wouldn’t have let Tony Branch behave in that manner.

“I think everybody knows me.” 

Yes. Yes they do Tony. Thanks to Turtleboy everyone knows that you’re a lowlife degenerate scam artist who preys on vulnerable women, yells over people, and was banned from attending your school’s graduation because people don’t want you around their kids.

“Here’s my bio. I’m a black boy who was homeless in Roxbury. I ate McDonald’s trash to survive. Public education is what kept me alive, and my faith in God kept me moving forward in life.”

Tony, the only reason you’re not homeless now is because you refuse to move out of the house you were evicted from in 2018 due to nonpayment of your mortgage. You bought some time with the pandemic handouts, but you’re hardly any different from when you were as a kid eating out of the trash.

He shouted over the audience:

“Can y’all let me talk?”

It’s a breakfast Tony. They were talking over all the other speakers too. And quite frankly nothing you’re saying is remotely interesting or worth listening to.

“One of the things that y’all said today was liberty and justice. Well the parents at Southeastern Regional want you to vote for me if you believe in liberty, in terms of the reduction of the gap between blacks and whites at that school.”

The parents AND teachers of Southeastern literally asked for you to resign, and then demanded you be banned from the graduation.

Additionally, you did nothing to close any so called achievement gap at Southeastern.

“For 4 years I was the only person of color on Southeastern, and it was hard.”

The 2 women running against you are black. This card isn’t going to work anymore.

“It has been hard for black students in that district. Let me be clear to you. The school year ended with racial epitaphs in the bathroom that traumatized black children at that school.”

That never happened, and if it did then ultimately that failure is on you as the head of the School Committee. Resign.

“The business of education when it comes to people who look like me is serious business. I’m frustrated when I hear people say it’s not a race issue, IT ABSOLUTELY IS!!!”

You’re running against 2 black women.

“The evidence says that we can do better for children that look like me.”

No children at that school look like a bow tied pedophile with a man bun.

What you saw in that video is a window into the kind of person Tony Branch is. He is an abrasive, abusive sociopath who yells at people to get what he wants, and hides behind race in order to deflect from the fact that he is a dangerous and extremely flawed individual. In 3 weeks we will be replacing him with one of the two women to come on the show tonight.


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