Tony Branch Is Not Happy That 2 Brockton Women Are Running Against Him After Reading How He Is A Con-Artist Pedophile On Turtleboy


It’s been a while since we’ve last heard from Tony Branch, the fake Bishop who we discovered was also a pedophile when he decided to sue me 3 years after a blog was written about him. (Click here to read up on him.) After protesting the Chair of the Southeastern Regional School Committee at 4 consecutive meetings the School Committee finally voted 7-3 to ban him from being on stage at the high school graduation. However, he wouldn’t step down, despite the mountain of evidence against him proving that he is a pedophile and serial con-artist, on top of being a fake bishop. And because he is a narcissist he showed up at the graduation, took a picture with some random kid, and posted it on Twitter as if he accomplished something.

Tony Branch is incapable of stepping down, because he doesn’t actually care about what is best for the students, teachers, and parents of the Southeastern Regional School District. He is only concerned with beating Turtleboy, which is why he’s still there. Any normal human being would be embarrassed to show their face in a room where they weren’t wanted because everyone was aware they were a sexual deviant. Not Tony though. He took out papers to run for re-election in November.

But for the first time Branch has people running against him. Each of the 9 towns in the district gets a representative, and Brockton gets 2 because it’s bigger. But voters in all 9 towns get to vote on who the representative from Brockton will be, so the residents of Stoughton, Easton, East and West Bridgewater, Sharon, Mansfield, Foxboro, and Norton will also get a chance to remove him. According to a Brockton Enterprise story written by reporter Chris Butler, Branch has 2 women running against him who were motivated to throw their hat in the ring as a result of our stories. The Enterprise story pulls no punches:

During a defamation case filed by Branch against Aidan Kearney — a Worcester blogger who uses the penname “Turtleboy” — Kearney presented incendiary allegations that Branch had sex with his ex-wife when she was 15 years old, and he was approximately 35, prior to their marriage. The allegations were pulled from divorce documents filed by Branch’s ex-wife. Superior Court judge Brian S. Glenny ruled in April of this year that the allegations “appear to be substantially true.”
“The statements that Branch has a history with underage girls, molested his ex-wife, had orders taken out against him by family members, had substantial amounts of credit card debt and unpaid taxes, violated an abuse prevention order, defrauded the government to get Section 8 and DCF benefits, and used a Muslim name while claiming to be a Christian minister are based largely on information set forth in court records and other public documents and appear to be substantially true,” Glenny wrote in April.


Imagine having a judge say that about you on the record a few months ago and still deciding to seek re-election? Literally no shame. And he still thinks he’s going to win:

I believe that the citizens of these nine communities will weigh my experience, will weigh my unblemished record at Southeastern and other community organizations, and will hand me a victory in November,” he said

Unblemished record? Well, I guess you didn’t molest any girls at the school (yet), so that’s good. But it’s your record outside of the school that’s most concerning Tony.

He has two women running against him, both of whom are black, so he won’t be able to play the race card. I admittedly know nothing about them or what their politics are. It really doesn’t matter though. Anything is preferable to a pedophile con-artist.

Maggie Pinney is a mother of a Southeastern student.

She has admittedly voted for Branch before although no one else was on the ballot when he ran in 2019. The fact that she has a child in the school and has never been accused of raping a 15 year old means she’s more qualified than Branch.

She considered running for the Southeastern Regional school committee in the past, but said she thought that “they’ve got who they need.” That was until she heard about the controversy surround Branch.

“Whether or not this really happened, only God knows,” she said regarding the sex allegations, “but take a break and take care of your business so you can focus on getting your stuff in order, then come back the council without having these distractions lingering. That is not someone I want to represent, not only my child, but anyone else’s child,” said Pinney.

She’s right – Tony Branch is a distraction. Even his few remaining supporters know that having him on the SC while this plays out isn’t in the best interests of the school community.

The other woman running is Jamie Hodges, who runs a nonprofit and appears to be politically active.

“The kids deserve someone that doesn’t have drama, someone that’s transparent, someone that’s going to be there to represent them. But honestly, I’m not thinking about him,” she said.

Tony isn’t happy that his opponents have read Turtleboy.

It appears that [Pinney’s] adding legitimacy to gossip,” Branch said

He’s so mad. Newsflash – it’s not gossip Tony. It’s court documents and a recent ruling from a judge stating that everything I said about you was substantially true. She doesn’t need to add legitimacy to anything, because it’s already perfectly legitimate.

I have no horse in the race, but my fear is they split the vote and Branch somehow makes it in. Luckily the elections take place on the same date as contentious midterm elections, so voter turnout should be high in the other 8 towns. If someone more familiar with these 2 candidates wants to give me a heads up on who the better candidate is feel free to email [email protected]. I care more about Tony Branch losing this election than I do about any other race on the ballot, but since there are options I think we should promote the better candidate.

As for the court case with Branch, he has filed an opposition to our motion for summary judgment (dismissal) and we are waiting on a hearing date. In the meantime he had to file a 90 page document which includes an after David from another deadbeat parent commonly known as “Krusty Panties,” emails from parents and community members he is submitting as evidence that I damaged his reputation, and a picture of him preaching to an empty church that proves he’s a real bishop.

Krusty Panties lied in her after David (shocking I know):

I was not sued by Tony Branch until August of 2019, so there is no way that I approached her about Tony Branch in 2018. I had no idea who he was then. Krusty Panties (Kate Peter), who permanently lost 2 of her children to the state due to years of prolonged neglect and abuse, is just trying to help out a fellow deadbeat parent who’s obsessed with Turtleboy. In 2016 I had a lot of bloggers, and Kate Peter was not one of them. She would have no idea who was publishing blogs anonymously back then, and thus would have no idea who wrote the blog about Tony Branch. Also the $200 a month was her idea, and quite frankly she was overpaid.

The emails are great though:


He blames me for these emails because I told the truth about who he is, which is why he’s suing for deformation.

Anyway, I’m glad to see that the people of Brockton know that they deserve better representation than Tony Branch, and that 2 women stepped forward to do something about it. Hopefully come November this deviant won’t be anywhere near Southeastern Regional High School.



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