Top 50 Most Noteworthy, Effective, And Influential Stories Broken By Turtleboy; #20-11



The critics will say Turtleboy isn’t real news, but the facts show that over the last 8 years we’ve written countless stories that exposed problems in our society that no other media outlet was willing to look into. As a result of our reporting corruption has been exposed, bad people have been fired from positions of power, criminals have gone to jail, future victims have been spared, mainstream media lies and narratives have been debunked, and the world has become a better place. This week we’ll be running down the most noteworthy, effective, and influential stories broken by Turtleboy in our history, starting with #50-41 on Monday, #40-31 on Tuesday, and so forth until we get to our Top 10 on Friday.


20. Moses Dixon arrest report.

Moses Dixon was groomed by the Democratic establishment (including Jim McGovern, Joe Petty, and Maura Healey) to be a State Rep for Leicester and Worcester. He had all the money and the momentum and was set to defeat incumbent Kate Campanale. Then a few weeks before the election we got our hands on an arrest report and RO he had for beating his former girlfriend. The courthouse records magically disappeared, indicating an orchestrated coverup for political gain. Dixon’s campaign team tried to downplay it by accusing the victim of lying, and McGovern and Healey called our reporting a GOP attack.

Result – Dixon lost in a landslide and his political career was over before it began.


19. Bob Murchison emails.

Kirk Minihane and Gerry Callahan mentioned on the air that they were under attack by an activist who was harassing WEEI’s advertisers in order to get them removed from the highest rated morning show in New England, because he didn’t like their opinions on transgender conversion of children. After doing some digging we found out the man’s name was Bob Murchison and published the hundreds of emails he sent WEEI advertisers, showing what a deranged and neurotic psychopath with nothing but time and money can do. Murchison worked with the Boston Globe to get dozens of advertisers to leave WEEI, and eventually both Minihane and Callahan were let go.

Result – Minihane and Callahan landed on their feet with new podcasts and Murchison continues to try to cancel them to this day. Everyone knows who he is now though, and he can’t show his face in public.



18. Chloe Richard’s abusive stepfather.

A 13 year old girl from Amesbury named Chloe Richard was dropped off dead at a hospital in Lawrence by a drug dealer who was charged with her murder. But her mother and stepfather Brian Dolan never reported her missing. Chloe’s Mom began using her real account and Chloe’s Facebook account to spew vulgar threats at people who made comments about Chloe running away from home due to alleged abuse. Her stepfather acted tough on Facebook about what he was going to do to her killer and started a GoFundMe, but when she was missing he only posted about the Bruins. Chloe had been posting about drinking and doing drugs on Facebook for months, which her parents ignored. After her brother and sister made similar allegations of abuse we interviewed Brian Dolan on the Turtleboy Live Show, and the monster in him came out.

Result – The killer was charged with murder, but the underlying cause of why Chloe Richard ran away from home was only discussed on Turtleboy. The parents received sympathetic coverage from the mainstream media, despite not deserving it at all.


17. Hadassah.

A woman running an alleged shelter for women and children with pets in Milford was accused by many of mistreatment. Upon further investigation we found out that these women were forced to pay rent while Hadassah Robeson’s children lived rent free upstairs. I toured the house, which was disgusting and overcrowded. I was invited to look through her books, which showed that money being raised from donors was being misspent. The house actually subsidized a “business” called the Karma Cafe, which seemed to get no business at all. As it turned out Hadassah had fled the state of Florida where she was running illegal petting zoos, she sold donated goods, turned on volunteers, collected social security from a disabled resident, violated the privacy of battered women, made some bizarre posts about her missing adult children, and was accused of having a lesbian slave lover. She tried to silence the blog 3 times by taking me to court for orders, but was unsuccessful.

Result – The house still remains in dire conditions, but Hadassah has run out of funding for it. Her source of income is now unclear.



16. The House of Many Cums.

A Shrewsbury man claimed that he was the victim of a home invasion in the early morning by 2 black men. Nothing about the story made sense, and upon further investigation it was revealed that his home had become a haven for drug addicted runaways who he gave room and board too in exchange for being his sex slaves. The girls were forced to wear collars and could not leave the house without his permission. Steve Levine was even banned from going to kink events for taking it too far. It’s likely that the “home invasion” was either made up, or was related to his semi-voluntary sex slave operation.

Result – The House of Many Cums was temporarily put on the market shortly after the blog was published but never sold. Levine’s primary slave is still around, but he’s banned from kink conventions.


15. Laughlin Kennel.

Hundreds of people bought puppies from Laughlin Kennel in Oxford that ended up getting sick, leading to death and mounting medical bills. The owner was a disgraced puppy mill owner who was shut down previously in Webster. Upon further investigation we discovered that dogs were being shipped in small crates from Missouri, and former employees send us videos and images of injured dogs being put down, along with a bag full of dead puppies.

Result – Massive protests in Oxford eventually led to Laughlin Kennel being shut down by the town.



14. Stow Police Chief busted by predator poachers.

Stow Police Chief Ralph Marino was caught by a vigilante group called the Mass Predator Poachers, trying to meet a 14 year old boy for sex in Leominster. The chat logs show that he arranged to meet with this boy and drive him back to his house before his mother got hom.

Result – Marino was fired, charged, and convicted.



13. Worcester car insurance scam ring.

A source sent us a tape of what appeared to be a staged crash during a snowstorm in Worcester in early 2017. We found one of the cars used in the scam sitting outside of Central Auto Body on Park Avenue. Upon further investigation we discovered a massive ring where ratchets were paid to crash cars, Pat’s Towing got paid to bring them to Central Auto Body, who then overcharged insurance companies for the costs of fixing it. We spoke with insurance adjusters who had previously been threatened at Central Auto Body for asking too many questions.

Result – four people we identified were arrested and Central Auto Body was forced to get rid of the cars that were parked outside. It led to a massive investigation by several insurance companies that had been defrauded.



12. Karyn Polito COVID party.

Turtleboy first reported on a massive graduation party that took place at Lt. Governor Karyn Polito’s compound, just days after the Baker administration warned people not to have get togethers. We obtained photographs from outside the event, sparking uproar and mainstream media coverage. Polito claimed it was just some family she had over, and that everyone was outside and socially distanced.

Result – Polito took scrutiny from the press and was revealed to be a hypocrite and a tyrant. They were forced to ease restrictions and mandates shortly afterward.


11. Dedham Football coach fired for opposing CRT.

Coach Dave Flynn was fired as head coach of the Dedham High School football team for speaking out against his daughter being indoctrinated with critical race theory by her teacher. We published some of the racist images that were being used in 7th grade classrooms to discuss race relations, and published emails from the principal and superintendent justifying the lessons. The district also hired a diversity, equity, and inclusion specialist who had made several racist posts on Twitter. Flynn was forced to send his children to catholic school, and protests were held by football players and the community to bring Coach Flynn back.

Result – Judicial Watch read out story and agreed to represent Coach Flynn in a lawsuit against the school district.



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