Transgender Couple From South Boston Drug House Are Upset DCF Took Their Kids After Trans Friend Died From OD, Join Michelle Wu In Calling Boston Fire Department Liars


It’s been more than a week since a dead body, 4 kids, drugs, and sex toys were discovered at a gathering of transgender people at a South Boston city housing complex, and still we have no idea who the dead person was. The Boston Police Department accused Boston Fire Department Captain Jonathan Hernandez of lying in his report, stating that the adults in the house were cooperative, that no drugs or sex toys were discovered, and that the children all had concerned parents protecting them at the 11 AM drugs and dildos party. Mayor Michelle Wu then poured gasoline on the fire by publicly siding with the police department, essentially calling Herenandez a liar.

“I’ve seen the photos of the scene as part of the death investigation,” she told reporters Friday, according to the Boston Globe. “And it’s irresponsible to be fueling conspiracy theories at this moment when we are grieving a loss of life.”

Wu told the news outlet: “There have not actually been reports directly from first responders. Some of the information that’s been floating out there have been some second and third-hand accounts from those who are not at the scene and I think this is an important reminder that it’s important to have a grounding in the facts of what’s occurred and to let the proper authorities do the investigations. We will do whatever it takes to protect our children in this city, but that also means not fueling conspiracy theories.”

There haven’t been reports directly from first responders? What do you call this report written by Captain Hernandez.

He has an exemplary record and no reason to make up a story like this. Contrast that with the reputation of Officer Jennifer De Los Santos who according to Woke Windows has the most concerning internal affairs score possible.

Her report from the day of the incident never even mentioned the fact that there were 4 children in the apartment behind hidden in a back room, never mind drugs or sex toys. She also listed the victim as “known to the commonwealth.”

Not until the next day did she write an amended report that mentioned contacting DCF regarding the conditions in the home.

But she still didn’t mention children being in the house, nor did she mention what the conditions were.

Yet Michelle Wu still blindly took this officer’s word for it over the word of a fire captain who had no reason to lie. The Boston Firefighter’s Union immediately fired back and stood by their initial report.

Firefighters and EMS were there long before police arrived. We still have not heard any sort of condemnation from the State Firefighter’s Union after firefighters in the state’s largest city were accused by the Mayor of lying on an official report involving drugs and children.

NBC spoke with the woman who lives in the apartment, but protected her anonymity by not listing her last name. She complained about the DCF Fairy snatching up her kids after being notified about the drugs and dildos party.

“I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. I just want my kids back,” said Kiara, a South Boston woman and mother of two girls who were taken by DCF.

“They saw several transgender people, who are my friends, and one dead on the floor from cardiac arrest, they just assumed the worst,” Kiara said.

Kiara said Friday that the children were being kept away from the dead body, as police said in their statement. She told NBC10 Boston she “absolutely” believes the Boston Fire Department was lying about the adults being uncooperative.

“Nobody was hiding the kids,” she told NBC10 Boston. “We were trying to keep the kids away from the person who was dead on the floor. That’s pretty traumatizing.”

Don’t you hate it when first responders come to your filthy public housing apartment at 11 AM and find your 28 year old transgender friend dead on the floor from something associated with drug usage, and then they find a bunch of kids being hidden in the back, and immediately assume the worst? NBC’s Sue O’Connell seemed to agree with her sentiment.

Wouldn’t want Sue to ask any questions, just like she never did with her friend Monica Cannon-Grant.

Just regurgitate a quote from a deadbeat mother who lost her kids because it pushes a political narrative that the fire department is transphobic. Sue played dumb after that, like corporate controlled media reporters always do.

Yea guys, she’s just quoting a story. She picked the one quote that inferred transphobia, while glossing over the fact that BPD is accusing BFD of lying in a report that involves a dead person and children. But that doesn’t mean Sue has ulterior motives here.

The woman’s real name is Kiara Payne, and according to probate court documents she was living in a homeless shelter with her kids in 2017.

She clearly doesn’t work and sucks off the taxpayers for a living while slandering the fire department in the media for getting her kids into a safer environment. Kiara has a Tik Tok account with videos of her and her kids in what appear to be a filthy, unkempt apartment.

Plenty of time for Tik Toks, but not much time for cleaning or seeking employment.

She also shared a link to the BPD lie, calling it the “real story” because it doesn’t mention the fact that there were 4 children in the apartment.

In another video she shows herself bringing her unrestrained feral children to what appears to be some sort of Pride gathering.


She has a transgender partner who was born female and now calls herself Douglas Jayden, a “nurodivergent female to male seahorse daddy,” who was active on Tik Tok in defending his partner before removing his account. Doug appears to have kids in the New Bedford area from a previous relationship.


Douglas admitted in a post that it was in fact an OD.

How can someone in the apartment die from a drug overdose if there are no drugs in the apartment?

They might live in subsidized housing and leech off the taxpayers for a living but Kiara and Doug have plenty of money to party it up in a hotel suite on New Years Eve.

“We need a break too.”

From what? Your normal Saturday morning drugs and dildos party? Maybe you should pay your bills instead so you don’t get dragged into court by creditors.

Before deactivating her TikTok, Douglas was attempting to defend her and Kiara’s parenting skills. She has a mandated reporter in her house to check on the kids every week while she takes testosterone shots and seems to think that’s normal.

Doug admits he was in the apartment when their friend died, and seems to be blaming the dead person for not keeping themselves safe.

Doug claims that the reason the dead person hasn’t been named is because they’re a dude going through a transition and haven’t legally changed their name yet. She seems to admit that her kids were in the apartment too.

Doug claims that they were smoking pot in the apartment, but not doing hard drugs, and that his DCF worker is cool with it.

Douglas says that the kids are all safe and were never exposed to the dead person or sex toys, despite being in an apartment with a person who overdosed from drugs in front of them.

But if the only drugs in the apartment was pot then how did someone die from an OD? Was it a weed overdose, Douglas?

There are unconfirmed rumors that the transgender individual who died works for the city, but that has not been substantiated. What we do know is:

  • The dead person died of a drug overdose
  • There was a party that involved drugs and children at 11 AM
  • The Boston Police Department seems to think it’s not concerning that 4 kids were inside an apartment where someone died from a drug overdose
  • The Mayor called it a conspiracy theory to be concerned about these children
  • The Mayor publicly disparaged and seems unconcerned that pitting these two institutions (BFD and BPD) against each other might be problematic
  • DCF didn’t take the children for no reason

If you have any more information about this case feel free to email [email protected], or reach out to me on Facebook or Twitter.


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