Boston Police Accuse BFD Captain Jonathan Hernandez Of Lying About Drugs, Dildos, Children Found In South Boston Housing Project, Won’t Identify The Deceased


Our story about the four children who were discovered in a South Boston city housing apartment where a dead man was found Saturday has gone viral in right wing circles after being retweeted by Jack Posobiec, Matt Walsh, Mike Cernovich, Chris Elston, and many others who were aghast over the official report from the Boston Fire Department.

Initial reports from BFD Captain Jonathan Hernandez stated that there were drugs, sex toys, and four children being hidden in a back room of Apt 621, and that the men who were all dressed as women did not cooperate when first responders arrived. Mayor Wu, as well as the majority of the Boston City Council, has not said a word about it.

Yesterday Boston Police issued a statement refuting several statements made by the Boston Fire Department in their report.

I have never seen a police department put out a statement accusing a fire department of lying in their initial report. Here are the key aspects of the BFD report that BPD refuted in that statement:

  1. The adults on scene were fully cooperative.
  2. The children were not being hidden in a backroom – the responding officers said they should be there because “it was best for the children” not to see a dead body.
  3. There were no drugs or sex toys found in the apartment.
  4. All four children had a parent present in the apartment.

This makes no sense for a plethora of reasons:

  • Why did police file a 51A with DCF if there was nothing concerning about children being there? According to the State’s website police are mandated reporters who are only supposed to file a 51A if the “recognize suspected child abuse or neglect.”
  • If I died in my sleep, and there was nothing suspicious about my death, police would have no reason to file a 51A just because my children were in the same house. According to BPD the victim died of cardiac arrest and there was nothing suspicious in the apartment, so why would this necessitate DCF involvement?
  • Why are grown man in women’s clothing having a get together in a drug and crime infested housing project at 11 AM with children as young as 5 present?
  • What reason would the fire department have to make salacious details out of the blue?
  • Who brings their kids to a party in the projects at 11 AM on a Saturday?

In a report filed by Officer Jennifer De Los Santos 24 hours after responding to the scene, she states that a 51A was filed “regarding conditions of the home.”

Yet BPD is now stating that there was nothing in the apartment that was unusual. Just a man who died from something that is commonly associated with cocaine usage.

In Detective Sean Flynn’s report it states that the unnamed victim’s unnamed mother was notified within 4 hours of him dying. The victim’s name is redacted and takes up almost an entire line of text. Their sex required four redactions, and their race and address were redacted as well. He also lists the apartment as 625, not 621.

We don’t know if this was the person who rents the apartment. We don’t know who lives there at all. And why is the apartment different now? Is it because they don’t want the public to find out who lives at 621, or did Captain Hernandez make a mistake?

More importantly, why are they hiding the name of the deceased? Police only do this when the next of kin hasn’t been notified, but the report clearly states that the mother was made aware. The only reason to do that is because the police don’t want the public to know who the deceased is.

Why is that?

Who is this person?

Who are they connected to?

Do they have a criminal record?

Are they politically connected?

There is no plausible reason for the police to hide the name of a dead person unless that person is connected to someone or it would interfere with a political narrative.

Officer De Los Santos’ report lists the deceased as “known to the commonwealth,” and redacts their age as well.

This usually means that it’s a public official or someone with a long criminal rap sheet. Mayor Wu was listed as “known to the commonwealth” two weeks ago in a police report after her BPD driver illegally used their blue lights to go through a red light, striking a woman and her baby whom they subsequently blamed for the crash. The City still has not given an explanation why that officer had her blue lights on.

De Los Santos report was very careful not to say whether or not the dead “person” was male or female anywhere in their report. She also lists the address as 321 Old Colony Ave, not 381 Old Colony Ave.

There are several instances in that report where De Los Santos could have written “her” or “him.” If this were a transgender male who identifies as a woman, why isn’t that mentioned? These are people who go out of their way to police pronoun usage, and who constantly want to be identified as the gender they choose. Suddenly they’re shy about talking about gender identity?

Two days later on June 19 police were once again called to unit 625 at 381 Colony Ave to assist DCF in the removal of two children from the same apartment where a dead body was discovered two days prior. At least 3 adults were present, all of whom had their name, sex, age, or race redacted in the report despite the offense code being listed as “investigate person”

In this same apartment unit in November of 2019 Officer De Los Santos responded to a call for a dead man who was “known to the commonwealth.” His pronouns and race WERE LISTED in the report.

Why aren’t the Boston Police saying the race or sex of the dead person they discovered on June 17? Is it because it would provide too many context clues? Is it because the person is a black transgender man who identifies as a woman, and that this would be bad publicity for the transgender community during Pride month and Juneteenth? The Daily Mail is reporting that it was a black trans woman (a black man who identifies as female) who was found dead.

A woman named Ebony Pipkin was listed as a resident of this apartment in 2019, and she is listed in an obituary as the fiance of Spenser Bullock, who died the same day the unnamed man in the report did.

To make matters even more confusing, the media is now reporting that the deceased was a woman, despite the fire department listing them as a man.

Four children living in squalid conditions while being hidden from first responders were found in an apartment filled with “alcohol, drugs, sex toys” and a dead man, according to an incident report and outraged officials.


This is why gender ideology is cancerous. We can’t even properly get details about an incident allegedly involving drugs, dildos, children, and a dead guy because no one can agree on pronoun usage.

According to NBC 10 neighbors say that they have not felt safe in the apartment complex because people are in and out of that apartment at all hours of the night.

Were the people inside the apartment partying all night and still up at 11 AM? They might be if they had enough cocaine, which would explain why one of them died from cardiac arrest.

The firefighter who wrote the initial report is Captain Jonathan Hernandez, who was awarded Firefighter of the Year in 2019.

Let’s be clear – the Boston Police Department is calling this Cristiano Ronaldo doppelganger an outright liar. He seems a lot more credible than the Boston Police Department, all things considered.

If the Boston Police cared at all about transparency they would name the deceased and all adults present in the apartment. But this is the same police department that still has not explained why the officer driving Michelle Wu had her blue lights on when she went through a red light. It’s the same police department that still employs Brian Albert, and still has a misleading Facebook post up thanking the State Police for arresting Karen Read for the death of John O’Keefe. It’s the same police department that continues to arrest political dissidents who protest the Wu administration.

The bottom line is that either the Boston Fire Department or the Boston Police Department is lying about an incident that was serious enough for four young boys to be put into foster homes. This should be unacceptable, and I hope that city leaders get to the bottom of it. City Councilor Erin Murphy told Howie Carr that she would be asking questions at an upcoming meeting, but we need her and other city leaders to start pounding tables and DEMANDING answers from BPD.

We have reached out to BFD for comment, and have put in a request for the body cam footage. If you are one of first responders and have inside information on this incident that you would like to keep anonymous, please feel free to email [email protected]. We never reveal sources, no matter how hard Julia Mejia tries to get them from us.


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