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Poor Behavior

Transgender Person Who Applied To Work For TB Last Year Starts GoFundMe’s For “Survival” And Chop-Chop Surgery, Brags About Buying Weed


In August of 2018 we had just put up a donate button after getting a million Facebook pages taken down and being permanently blacklisted by Twitter and Google AdSense. I was contacted on my personal Facebook page by a transgender individual named Ari Rivera, who claimed that they would lead us back to greatness. My man here had it all figured out.

I will admit, that I was initially intrigued by the, “I’m a conservative BLT-123 who hates social justice warriors,” thing, but the “Your blog sucks right now and I alone can fix it,” was a real turn off.

I chose not to message this individual back largely because of that arrogance and forgot that he ever existed until a couple weeks ago when some people messaged me about this GoFundMe scam.

Emergency crisis fund? I don’t think you understand what Turtleboy is sir. You’re literally the exact type of person Turtleboy exists to call out for problematic behavior. You seem to think you are owed something. You’re not. The fact you call yourself conservative while using identity politics to whine about how unfair life as you beg for money, might be even more confusing than you claiming to be a fan of our work.

You also have no kids and you’re not even a junkie or disabled. I don’t care about anyone’s adult problems if they have no kids. Also, please stop with the “I have pride” thing. No one is buying that.

Of course he is also a rapper.

And he’s previously started a GoFundMe to support his rap career.

A transgender GoFundMe scam artist with a burgeoning rap career wanted to work for Turtleboy. I’m still in shock over that one. I heard some of his music before he took his Facebook page down when I finally messaged back last week, and you’ll have to take my word for it, or use your imagination to understand how much of an abortion it truly was.

Wait, found it!

Told ya!

This dude lives off of GoFundMe’s.

Notice a theme? Everything is someone else’s fault. The evil white women who wanted him to pay rent, the “Tourettes syndrome,” and all the mean people who misgender him because of the fact that he’s packing like he’s about to go on a two week vacation. Like that time the plumber his landlady hired misgendered him.


Some people have pointed out that he likely doesn’t have Tourette’s either.

Probably because he admitted that the symptoms only really come out when he’s doing a film for a GoFundMe.

According to a comment on one of the GFM’s he also has been accused of sexual assault, and several women have complained that he changes in front of them.

But of course, according to SJWs (who he claimed to despise when he messaged me) forcing women to look at dong is what social progress looks like. Inject the progress into my veins.

He planned to sue these women who were accusing him of sexual assault for deforming his character, and posted on a BLT-123 page that he was looking for a “queer trans woman of color” attorney to represent him at a rate of $25 an hour.

I don’t know what’s more amazing, the fact that his attorney must be a trans woman of color, or the fact that he thinks attorneys work for $25 an hour.

And yes, he has had a GFM for gender reassignment surgery.

Someone should tell him that if he goes to jail and Elizabeth Warren becomes President, the taxpayers will take care of that for him. That’s not hyperbole either. She literally said that at a CNN Town Hall.

Does this sound like the kind of person who is “sick and tired of the hypocrisy of social justice warriors?”

Sorry pal, but at Turtleboy we don’t generally care for people who openly whine that they’re not getting $1,500 a month from social security because they’re a man who thinks they’re a woman.

Don’t worry though, he may be constantly on the verge of dying and in need of your money, but has plenty of cash for weed every time the dispensary gets a new strain of hydro.

Sorry Ari, I don’t know if TB Daily News is really the best place for you. But I do appreciate your unsolicited advice on how to keep our business afloat. Things are obviously going swimmingly for you. My personal favorite part about your application was how you criticized us for having a donate button. God knows you would never do anything like that right?


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