Tulsi Gabbard’s Evisceration Of Hillary Clinton Was So Beautifully Cold Blooded And Hot


This morning Hillary Clinton woke up again and still wasn’t the President, but she still was a miserable drip, so she decided to go after BAE, Tulsi Gabbard, by baselessly calling her a Russian asset.


These are the people who tell us that American institutions are being “undermined.” The same people who baselessly call sitting members of Congress, decorated veterans, and current candidates for President “Russian assets.”

In 2012 the Red Sox came into the year with high hopes and a new manager – Bobby Valentine. Only the Yankees, Tigers, and Phillies had better odds at the winning the World Series when the season began. They ended up finishing in last place in the division, didn’t sniff the playoffs, and Valentine was fired. That’s what happens when a sure thing fails in spectacular fashion – the captain of the ship goes down and disappears forever.

The 2016 Presidential election was the 2012 Red Sox season of political campaigns for the democrats. They were going against the most beatable candidate possible in Donald Trump. Hillary had a 99% chance of winning, the entire media behind her, and more money than any candidate in American history.

Yet she lost and is still allowed to talk. Why do democrats allow this? This woman should go down in history as your Bobby Valentine. Every time she speaks every democrat should loudly say, “Shut up and get back in your cage. You brought us Trump. Never speak again.”

This woman cannot accept the fact that she lost so spectacularly, and insists that it was everyone’s fault but her own. Her favorite bogeyman is Russia, and now that she sees Tulsi as this renegade on the left, she immediately assumes that she’s a Russian spy. Because everyone who isn’t in lock step with the corrupt DNC is a Russian plant.

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The media loves to “fact check” Trump in their headlines. They throw “Trump falsely claims” into their headlines all the time now. Yet not a single major media outlet did that to Hillary when she baselessly called a sitting member of congress, candidate for President, and decorated veteran a “Russian asset.” Because Hillary Clinton owns the media.

These people hate Tulsi because she’s everything the modern day left stands in opposition to – she marches to a beat of her own drum, she’s against endless war, she doesn’t waste time with identity politics, she’s anti-censorship, and she’s smoking hot. They saw her going after Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and other sacred cows, and they decided that she needed to be stopped.

Since no one in the Hillary controlled media decided to “fact check” Hillary, Tulsi had no choice but to call her out herself around 4 PM Friday in one of the most glorious takedowns in Internet history.

She gets hotter every day.

I can’t get over it.

And of course the establishment is getting in line to call her a Russian asset, a Trump plant, and a bunch of other conspiracy nonsense, despite not seeing the irony that they frequently call everyone they disagree a conspiracy theorist.



Imagine waking up every day and being this person.

If you looked up Karen in the dictionary that face would be staring back at you.

Then there was this guy.

Yea, why would Tulsi go on the most popular, 8 PM TV show, when she could go on some random blue checkmark’s podcast that no one will listen to? Didn’t she see his blue checkmark? He’s very important!

This guy ran Hillary’s campaign in 2016.

Imagine being the guy responsible for losing to Donald Trump and still thinking that your opinions on anything are something that people should take seriously?

They’ve lost their minds.

The only one in the media calling out Hillary is Van Jones.

I usually don’t agree with Van Jones, but I respect the fact that he says what’s on his mind. Very rare trait at CNN.

Meanwhile, where’s Bernie Sanders? Tulsi had a sweet gig at the DNC 3-4 years ago, and was a rising star in the party. Then she saw how corrupt they were and supported Bernie instead. He hasn’t said anything in her defense since, because Bernie is the guy who lets you cuckhold his wife while he sits in the corner. That’s baseically his entire relationship with the democratic party. They dump on his face and he comes around like the sad, neutered dog that he is. Tulsi has no intention of going so quietly.


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