Turtle Rider Cup Postponed Until May 24 Due To Governor Baker’s Ridiculous Rules Barring Gatherings Of 50 Or More People 


Sorry to start off Monday with some unfortunate news, but due to the fact that we are governed by morons  the Turtle Rider Cup golf tournament has to be moved to May 24, 2021. Thanks to Governor Charlie Parker we are not allowed to have more than 50 people at a gathering outdoors, or more than 25 indoors, unless you’re an elected official, attending the funeral of someone the media deems is important, or rioting for George Floyd. We have about 100 people signed up plus volunteers, and Kettle Brook would lose its liquor license if they broke the “rules.” Since the tournament is being done shotgun style, it would effectively be turtle riders golfing simultaneously on different holes, no one would see each other, there would be no chance to eat or hang out afterwards, which would be incredibly lame.

We will be emailing all registrants today to offer them a refund or to keep them on for the rescheduled date on May 24. If we’re going to do this I want to do it right. I thought about doing a bootleg version, where we have a remote raffle or brown bags, but that seems to completely defeat the purpose of what we’re doing here. It’s not just about golf, it’s about uniting turtle riders.

On that note, I will be golfing anyway on Columbus Day at Kettle Brook anyway. You’re more than welcome to join, but it’s not an official event, and you’ll have to reserve a tee time by calling Kettle Brook. I plan on making mine around 10 AM and will get there early to hang out. Feel free to join me, and I’m sorry that we have to live in a state where healthy people golfing are more protected from a virus than elderly veterans in nursing homes.



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