UMass Kicks 3 Girls Off Campus, Refuses To Refund Tuition For Not Wearing Masks At Party While College President Marty Meehan Poses Without Mask On With Student


In one of the great injustices of the COVID era some loser from the UMass Daily Collegian newspaper sent in a picture of three girls at an off campus party (gasp) without masks on, and they were sent home from school, cut off from online learning, and won’t be refunded the $16,000 in tuition they paid for.

Parents of three girls are outraged after their daughters were suspended for not wearing masks during a private outdoor event.Β A trio of freshmen at the University of Massachusetts- Amherst have been suspended after someone sent a picture of them at an outdoor gathering to the university administration. The photo showed the three girls in St. Patrick’s day garb at what appears to be an outdoor gathering.Β 

After the university received the photo, all three girls were kicked out of residence, banned from in-person classes and recently removed from distance learning and barred from taking their finals. “That negates this whole semester $16,000 of money, and they have to reapply for next semester. But they missed housing registration,” said one of the girls father’s Scott.Β Another father, RJ, said of his daughter, “She was valedictorian and class president of her high school. She did everything right,” RJ added, “I just want the university administration to be equitable and fair.”RJ refers to videos of the UMass hockey team celebrating their national championship victory this spring on campus, where large crowds of unmasked students were seen congregating. The parents of the suspended girls believe that there is a double standard.

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I wrote about these worthless vindictive herbs in March when some LOSER from the Daily Collegian named Matt Berg sat outside a frat house and followed girls back to their dorms, just so he could get the frat shut down for having a party (which wasn’t allowed due to a virus that couldn’t possibly kill a person their age anyway).

The woman who ultimately decided to suspend hundreds of students for being free was Brandi Hephner LaBanc, the ultimate Karen who makes a $310K salary paid for by the taxpayers.

This is obviously insane and very dumb. Why not just test the girls to see if they have COVID if you’re that worried about? Oh right, they’re not actually worried about COVID or care if any of these rules are effective. They just like to screw kids over, because that’s a prerequisite of becoming a state college administrator.

Are they going to suspend kids who went home for Easter and didn’t wear masks around their parents? Because that’s a lot more “dangerous” than being outside at a party. Or will they suspend kids who ate food together and took their masks off to do so? These rules are not backed by any sort of science, and it’s just a way for vindictive cunts like Brandi to get off on the little amount of power that they actually have. They are pure evil, and they deserve to rot in Hell for what they’re doing.

The parents are fighting back by suing, and they’re right to point out the fact that none of the hockey players had to wear masks. Nor should they. But you can’t suspend these kids for “endangering” the campus, and then pretend your made up science doesn’t exist when you’re celebrating a sportball victory.

However, the parents haven’t seen this yet apparently:

Marty Meehan is the President of UMass-Amherst (salary of $572K), pictured there with an ass kissing kid student Eli Slovin, who happens to be buddies with incompetent Athletic Director Rob Bamford (salary of $402). Neither is wearing a mask. Neither will be kicked out of school.

Here’s the same kid with the hockey coach inside, not wearing a mask.

Maybe Coach Carvel should use his platform to speak out for these girls, since he had plenty to say to the NCAA when four of his hockey players were forced to sit out a Frozen Four game after contracting the virus.

“I feel for these players who have sacrificed so much over the last year and committed themselves to getting our team to this point,” coach Greg Carvel said in a statement. “They have earned the right to compete for a national championship, and to have this unfortunate situation occur now is hard to comprehend

But wait, it gets better. Here’s Eli lecturing people on Twitter that they don’t care about their country if they don’t wear a mask.

Here he is advocating that UMass not even open in the fall because the temptation for kids to party and be free will be too much to resist.

Here is whining that guys in the center of town weren’t wearing masks!!

Here is virtue signaling about how to “stop the spread.”

Here he is whining in May that Tom Brady was throwing a football to people he gets paid to throw a football to.

This TOOLBAG is a college student who chose to go to a notorious party school, and his entire existence revolves around kissing the asses of an irrelevant sports program so that he can get a selfie with Sam the Minuteman. And for that he gets special privileges while three girls are robbed by the same safety school masquerading as a university. If the University provided any consistency they would suspend Eli Slovin and fire Marty Meehan immediately.

I graduated from UMass, and I’m happy they won the national championship, but I really just don’t care either. Wake me up when the men’s basketball team is relevant again like they were for 5 minutes in 2014. No one cares about college hockey. It’s about as relevant as lacrosse. Winning in hockey just covers up for the failures of the football and basketball teams, which are the only programs any school really cares about. Rob Bamford is a complete and total failure who should’ve been fired a long time ago, but hides behind the success of the team that nobody cares about.

I hope the parents suing the school find these pictures useful, because it’s complete and total BS that their daughters are having money stolen from them while the President of the school, whose salary is paid by them, commits the exact same “crime” that they did. I think a couple of them are from Andover, and the girls are apparently very good students. If anyone can get me in touch with these unnamed parents please have them email [email protected]


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