UMass Student Posts Week Old Wild Racist Email She Claims Was Sent To Every Black Student On Campus 


This is UMass senior Sari Saint-Hilaire from Revere.

Today she posted a racist email on Facebook that she claims every black student at UMass received:

I miss the old days when they used to put a little effort into these. Before we even begin to laugh at the actual content of this obviously fake email, let’s point out that it was dated September 17, and she’s just posting it now. Let’s also pretend for a minute that it’s real (hard to do, I know). If that’s the case then this emailer has a database of every email for every black student on campus, and yet the only person posting about it a week after it was sent is this one bootleg Ayanna Pressley.

Sure thing.

Here’s some of my favorite parts of the email:

“We are writing to inform you what we think of the n*gro/that lovely n word you hate/African-Americans on campus.”


“We look down upon you…most of you still speak Ebonics or to ghetto speak to where your from….to how you live like hoodrats to how you appear (afro, big lips black skin) you are different.”

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“White people, Asians, Hispanics, almost none of us truly want to interact with you, we only do because it is required.”

“The entire history of black people in the U.S. unlike every other superior ethnic groups (literally every single one) including Asians who are richer and more educated than whites is one of imposition on our society.”

Hello there fellow racist, how do you do? This sounds like it was written by someone who looked up the definition of racism in the dictionary and made sure to hit on all the key points, while attempting to sound as white as possible.

Sari’s cover photo on Facebook is a picture of a building burning to the ground in Minneapolis, something she obviously supports.

Because BLM has never once attempted to pretend they weren’t a terrorist group.

Tonight she’ll also be attending a protest outside Theta Chi, where rioters assaulted residents and destroyed their property earlier in the week over a baseless and anonymous claim on Yik Yak that a woman was raped there.

“Rapists don’t deserve sleep.”

If UMass cared at all about law and order and protecting their paying students they would do arrest each and every person who showed up there tonight.

In case there was any doubt that this was fake she also shared another fake hate crime that happened when she lived in the dorms.

Oh, I remember that fake hate crime! We wrote about it when it happened. That was the one where someone wrote “Hang Melville n words” on a bathroom mirror, multiple people saw it, but no one took a picture of it.

But this new one is even less believable.

Nevertheless, hundreds of morons have shared it and given her exactly what she wanted – attention.

This is just what SJWs do – blindly believe anything that goes along with their narrative, regardless of the complete lack of evidence, in order to make themselves victims. Can’t wait until the police get to the bottom of this one!


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