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Poor Behavior

Unemployed Man Uses TB Blog Exposing His Abuse Of GoFundMe To Start Another GoFunMe So He Can File For Harassment Order


We’ve published thousands of blogs, exposing thousands of people, and everyone who’s been featured handles it differently. Reactions include, but are not limited to:

  • Apologizing and asking to have the blogs taken down
  • Shutting down social media and going off the grid
  • Threatening to file deformation lawsuits
  • Doubling down on ratchet behavior
  • Baselessly calling me a sexual predator

But a young man (BLT-123) who was featured on Turtleboy two weeks ago might’ve figured out a way to monetize Turtleboy fame if it ever happens to you.

As you can see, Ari Rivera, who was featured on TB Daily News for starting so many fraudulent GoFundMe’s, has made nearly $1,000 in three days off of this GFM. He claims that he’s being “attacked” because he’s Puerto Rican and transgender, when in reality we were just calling out a perpetually unemployed malcontent who abuses the GoFundMe platform in order to avoid getting a job. But thank you for clarifying that I’m the guy on the left. Wouldn’t want anyone to mistake me for my good friend Lyin Ted.

Also, no one “slandered, doxxed, or harmed” Ari. We pointed out the truth – that he routinely abuses GoFundMe’s to avoid getting a job and blames his life failures (of which there are many) on his racial and gender identity.

Ari denies that he once tried to work for me:

Except the receipts don’t lie, and I never responded because I would never listen to anything an unemployed homeless man who thinks he’s a woman had to say about anything.

He says that he’s being targeted by his own tweets, and baselessly claimed that I was trying to hack his social media and email. He made up a lie that he’s being threatened, and claims that he was “illegally” evicted as a result of his BLT-123 lifestyle. Because being a victim is literally the only thing people like this know how to do.

He now says that he’s raising money for a harassment order, even though it costs nothing to go to the courthouse and file for one.

He did what these people always do – whined about trans people of color being killed at record rates. An easily disprovable lie.

And unlike Ari, people donate to TB Daily News because they get something in return –  news and entertainment they can’t get anywhere else. Ari provides absolutely nothing when people donate to him, and he’ll have another fundraiser up in a month with another list of excuses to go along with it.

You know you’re desperate when you have to go to the cesspool that is our comments section in order to victimize yourself further.

According to Ari his message offering to work for Turtleboy was all part of an elaborate undercover plot, and he has screenshots of messages he wrote to another person at the time stating this, to prove it.

  1. I anxiously await the mainstream media contacting you for those non-existent screenshots.
  2. I have no idea who Melissa is. I just noticed that she commented on your public Facebook page.

“Please retweet.”

No retweets yet.

Ari has turned being Turtleboy famous into a business. The Turtleboy-Industrial complex has the potential to uplift ratchets out of poverty. Forget Bernie Sanders, Uncle Turtleboy is the one man who can provide money supplies for the plethora of people like Ari who don’t feel like working.

P.S. Ari, I’m sure you’re reading this, and I would like to formally invite you to call into the live show to have a civilized discussion about this. I have a feeling you won’t, since your primary goal seems to be to victimize yourself and then profit off of it. But maybe you can prove me wrong.


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