Uxbridge Woman Barely Survives Attempted Kidnapping By Man In White Van With Things On The Top By Hiding In Bushes


This is Anna Faith from Uxbridge.

The other day she was nearly kidnapped in broad daylight by an unidentified man in a white van. Luckily she survived by hiding in a bush after a truck drove by and spooked the kidnapper, but the kidnap/sex trafficking/rape van was later seen by her fiance on another side street.

Glad to see she’s engaged. She definitely seems old enough, and mature and responsible enough to enter into such an arrangement. Thank goodness she survived. Unfortunately she didn’t get the license plate, however she did notice that the kidnapping van has “things on the roof.”

Which certainly is useful information.

Some were skeptical of her story, suggesting she may have misinterpreted what happened. Luckily these people were chastised for “sassing” her by others in the community after she survived such a traumatic ordeal.

Rhiannon Prince pointed out that she wouldn’t have the time to get the license plate of the rape van since she was too busy trying not to get murdered. Anna agreed because she was just “trying to survive.”

And she barely did. How dare anyone not blindly go along with the fear porn and panic Anna was attempting to instill in the community!

You’ll never guess what Anna plans on doing for work.

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CNA. Always a CNA.

Anyway, this white kidnap/rape/sex trafficking van with the things on top will likely move onto a new town now that Anna has alerted the community who will be on the lookout. But if you live anywhere near Uxbridge keep your eyes open, because they will likely try a different town and they are raping EVERYONE up in here!


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