Vermont Woman Suspected In Disappearance Of Missing Boyfriend Ralph Jean-Marie Arrested With Boyfriend For Killing Another Man With Bad Batch Of Fentanyl


In June we blogged about missing Brockton man Ralph Jean-Marie, who vanished without a trace in Barre, VT.  He moved there to be with his drug addicted, career criminal baby momma Bridgette Huckins, who was having sex with drug dealers named Chris Elmer and Thomas Partlow and posting about in on Facebook within days of his disappearance. She was also posting about how she hoped he walked in at any moment to reunite with his 3 kids, one of who is clearly not his.

After writing that blog we were sent screenshots of a conversation Bridget Huckins was involved in, in which she jokingly says that she killed Ralph.

I tried calling Barre, VT Police with this information several times but they have not returned my call. Making jokes about killing your children’s father while he was missing and she was suspected by many as being involved, seems in poor taste at best.

Bridget was arrested for drugs on July 2, and in this video her friend makes reference to Ralph being dead.

“Ralph died before she got with him, so…”

Ralph Jean-Marie has not been reported as dead by anyone. He’s still missing.

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Ralph was last seen going into a motel room in Barre. The footage at the motel conveniently stopped working after he went in so there’s no video of him or anyone else leaving. The room at the motel which is frequently used for transients, was rented out by a woman named Jamie Bressette, although it’s unclear if she was there. Witnesses have stated that one of the men she was cheating with (Chris Elmer) was inside, as was Chris Dunn, the janitor at the motel.

Chris Dunn


Jamie Bressette

There are rumors that witnesses allegedly saw bloody sheets in the room, although the police aren’t talking about an active investigation so there’s no way to confirm that. The fact that Chris Dunn worked there and had access to the cameras has raised suspicion. Thus he posted this on Facebook a few days ago.

“Cops know who I am if they have any questions trust me they know where to get me.”

That seems to indicate that he hasn’t been interrogated by police, which seems odd considering his connection to the missing man.

Meanwhile Bridget is pregnant again and her latest boyfriend Thomas Partlow started a GoFundMe to skip town shortly after we blogged about this story.

Bridget Huckins and Thomas Partlow were finally arrested for killing a man yesterday, but it wasn’t Ralph Jean-Marie.

A Barre couple face charges connected to a fatal drug overdose earlier this summer. Authorities say Jefrey Cameron, 29, of Orange was found dead back in June at a home on Richardson Road in Orange. They say he died after overdosing on heroin that contained fentanyl. Police say they arrested Bridget Huckins, 27, on Thursday after several months of investigation into the death of Cameron. On Friday afternoon they also arrested Thomas Partlow, 32, after a warrant was issued. Both Huckins and Partlow were charged with selling or dispensing a regulated drug with a death resulting.

They sold a dirty batch of fentanyl to a junkie back in June when everyone openly suspected her of having something to do with killing Ralph Jean-Marie.

This story is wildly unreported, probably because it’s upstate Vermont and everyone involved seems to be a junkie. But I’d be willing to bet that several people mentioned in this blog know what happened to him and aren’t talking. Maybe the police will actually try to solve this one. Maybe.


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