Video Footage Confirms What We Reported 2 Weeks Ago: Ethan Desseta Lied About Being A Hero And Defamed The Worcester Police  


Two weeks ago we published a blog about a Worcester man named Ethan Desseta, who claimed to be a hero and called the Worcester Police liars for not mentioning his alleged heroism in pulling a man out of a burning car.

His posts led to widespread distrust of the WPD, and accused them about lying in a post they made on Facebook.


However, we were alerted by police sources who had seen surveillance video that Ethan was lying about what he did that day. When he came on the Live Show at the 1:07:00 mark Ethan admitted to us that he never ran to his car to get a knife, and played no part in pulling the man from the car.

A Masslive reporter named Tom Matthews read our reporting and realized that he was also allowed to investigate whether or not Ethan was telling the truth. So he requested a copy of the video from WPD, which not only confirmed everything we reported, it also showed that Ethan was lying about a number of other things.

The Worcester Police Department has released video footage and a timeline of events — both included below — that clarify how a 22-year-old man was pulled from a burning car before it exploded last week. The video and timeline reveal a second civilian, who was with Desseta, was involved in retrieving a knife that was used to cut part of the seat belt around the 22-year-old driver. Desseta previously told MassLive he parked his car and sprinted toward the wrecked vehicle and noticed a cop car arriving on the scene and that both he and the officers reached the burning vehicle at the same time. Video footage, however, shows the officer was on scene first and Desseta later approached the vehicle. Desseta also claimed to have run back to his car and retrieved a knife. However, video footage shows a second civilian who was traveling with him in his car running back and retrieving the knife. The video does confirm that Desseta assisted an officer with opening the burning vehicle’s door and that a second civilian retrieved a knife from a car that was used to cut a part of the driver’s seatbelt.

Masslive included a timeline of events from the video. Desseta is identified as “Civilian #1,″ and his girlfriend is Civilian 2. Here are some interesting tidbits:

  • Gaspar approaches the passenger side of the vehicle and opens passenger side door. According to Gaspar, she is attempting to unbuckle the driver who is suspended upside-down. The driver is mumbling and moving his arms. Gaspar attempts to use her knife to cut the seatbelt but her knife breaks apart. 
  • Civilian #1 is observed approximately 10 feet in front of the cruiser, nowhere near the burning vehicle.
  • Civilian #1 and #2 are standing out in front of the cruiser away from the burning vehicle.
  • Civilian # 1 and Gaspar pull on the driver’s side door and get it open.
  • Civilian # 1 walks away from the vehicle. (Shortly after, Gaspar asks for a knife)
  • Civilian # 1 approaches Civilian # 2 and Civilian # 2 begins to run toward the vehicle both civilians exited.
  • Civilian # 1 stands off to the side approximately 50 feet away from the vehicle.
  • Civilian # 2 is seen approaching the burning vehicle. Gaspar walks to the back of the vehicle and is observed being handed something from Civilian #2. According to Gaspar, she was handed a knife.

Video evidence now proves that Ethan Desseta told the following lies that thousands of idiots blindly believed because it went along with their narrative that the Worcester Police are corrupt:

  • He arrived at the crash before the cop or at the same time.
  • He was standing near the burning vehicle when he got there.
  • Officer Gaspar didn’t have a knife.
  • He ran to his car to get a knife.
  • His girlfriend ran to the car to get the knife, but then gave it to him so he could give it to Gaspar (he said this on the Live Show).
  • The man would be dead without his heroism.

Ethan defamed the Worcester Police Department, intentionally made Officer Gaspar’s heroism look like incompetence, and repeatedly went out of his way to seek applause and recognition despite doing virtually nothing. You would think that after being thoroughly humiliated and exposed as a shameless liar that Ethan would take a break from the Internet for a while. Instead he showed up in the comments section to insist that Masslive was now lying about him.

“I never mentioned that I got there at the same time as the officer.”

Yes you did. You also lied and said that you witnessed it happen.

The video shows you getting there 15 seconds after the officer was already at the vehicle, and the driver was not unconscious. You wouldn’t have known that because you stood by the officer’s car while she attempted to free him, breaking her knife in the process. Ethan did help the officer open the driver’s side door, but not until 2 minutes after she began trying to cut the seatbelt from the other side.

This is Ethan finally walking towards the car 1:40 seconds after Officer Gaspar first approached it.


This is Ethan’s girlfriend running to the car to get the knife while he stood there and did nothing. Meanwhile, Officer Gaspar continued to risk her life by attempting to free the man from the vehicle.

“They want to call me a liar because I might have arrived a few seconds later than I stated.”

No, they’re calling you a liar because you are one. It’s undeniable. The police wouldn’t have said anything and the media never would’ve looked into it if you just lied about getting the knife. It was the fact that your lies severely damaged their reputation and public trust that forced them to respond. You completely made up a story about running 100 yards to get the knife, and then giving it to the cop.

You didn’t run at all, and you didn’t even hand the knife to the officer. You helped her open the door and then stood there and did nothing.

He kept going.

“Please show me exactly where I said I arrived at exactly the same time as the officer.”

You didn’t “reach the vehicle” until almost two minutes after she did. You got there 15 seconds after she approached the vehicle, watched her work for 1:40, and then finally helped her open the door. So you weren’t completely useless, but you were close.

He also says he wasn’t looking for any personal recognition for taking credit for something that his girlfriend and the officer did.

Yea, you totally weren’t looking for recognition by saying this:

“Just imagine if I wasn’t there to get the door open and provide the knife.”

“The first officer “fully relied on me to get that man out.”

OK, I imagined it. If you weren’t there then your girlfriend could’ve gotten the knife on her own and the same thing would’ve happened. If neither of you were there then the victim also would’ve survived because the other cop got there before the car was completely engulfed in flames and would’ve been able to open the door and use his knife to free the victim. Your presence there wasn’t necessary at all, and thus there was no need to mention you in the press release. The officers and your girlfriend were the heroes, but you want the credit. You’re the “most important” person.

You “risked your life” and did “more to save that man’s life,” than the officer who stood by a burning car and eventually freed the victim.

To make matters worse Ethan then tried to profit off of his imaginary heroism, and told another lie about Fox 25 News offering him $300 for pictures of a burnt car afterwards.


Do you know any of these people?

Every single one of them should be mocked relentlessly until they go back to the WPD Facebook post and apologize for making fools of themselves.

The bottom line is that Masslive, like every other local media outlet, immediately reported the fake news that Ethan was a hero and the cops were lying because they wanted to make the police look bad. As usual, the ONLY media outlet that actually looked for the truth was Turtleboy. Masslive then read our reporting and pretended to look into it on their own. Now they look dumb, Ethan is completely exposed as a fraud, and our reputation as the only source of real news grows even stronger.


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