Worcester Man Claiming To Be Hero And Blaming WPD Admits He Lied, Never Got Knife From Car To Free Crash Victim


Last week we published a story about a Worcester man named Ethan Desseta, who claimed that the Worcester Police were lying in a Facebook post about one of their officers saving a man’s life after pulling him from a burning car. Ethan alleged that it was actually him who opened the door and got a knife to cut the seatbelt because the female cop on scene didn’t have one. He posted several times accusing the police of lying, and insisting that he was a hero. You can see from the comments on the WPD Facebook post that his accusations led to severe distrust of the Worcester Police, and was harmful to their reputation.



I initially thought it was strange that this man claimed he didn’t want praise, yet was openly seeking it. I also thought his motives weren’t pure because he was trying to sell his post-crash pictures to the highest bidder, as if pictures of a crash scene have any monetary value.


I have spoken with sources in the WPD who have seen video from the incident and they claim that Ethan is lying about what happened. He was no hero, and he never ran to his car to get a knife. Last night Ethan called into the Live Show to talk about what happened at the 1:07 mark, and he confirmed that he was lying about pretty much everything. He admitted that his girlfriend (who he never mentioned before) was the one who got the knife, not him.

TB: “Did you get the knife or did your girlfriend?”

Ethan: “I ran to the car and she brought it to me, yea.”

TB: “So she brought the knife over?”

Ethan: “I ran towards her to get it. I yelled at her to find the knife while I was prying the door open.”‘

TB: “But you said you got the knife.”

Ethan: “Yea, from her.”

TB: “You never mentioned her getting the knife.”

Ethan: “She didn’t wanna be mentioned. Did I wanna be mentioned? Yea.

Ethan: “I ran from the car to get the knife. I left the car to go get the knife from my girlfriend and brought it back.”

TB: “So you went from the burning car, back to your car to get the knife with your girlfriend?”

Ethan: “Yea we brought it back together.”

TB: “You didn’t save a life. Your girlfriend got the knife. You didn’t do anything. You sat there.”

Ethan: “What does that have to do with anything?”

And there you have it folks. Another fraudulent liar exposed by Turtleboy. The best part is how he said that his girlfriend AND him walked the knife over together, as if it was a 200 pound bucket of water.

Not once did he ever mention his girlfriend in any of his heroic humble brags on Facebook, nor did he mention her during his interview with the Turtlegram and Gazette. Every time he told the story he said that he “ran” 100 yards to his car to retrieve the knife.

Now he’s saying that his girlfriend brought the knife over. Officers we spoke with confirm that his glaring obesity prevented his running story from being true.

The irony of this all is that he claims that he never mentioned the girlfriend bringing the knife over because she didn’t want the credit. Yet he also claims he doesn’t want the credit, which didn’t stop him from aggressively seeking credit for several days until we blogged about him. He has since taken his post down completely.

Ethan called me back a couple minutes after that call and said that he had taped our whole conversation and he would be suing me if I recorded him. Keep in mind, you can hear me tell him multiple times during that call that we were live to tape. Additionally, if he was taping it without telling me then the only person who committed a crime was him.

The Worcester Police should release this video to the public. Their reputation has been severely damaged, as can be seen from the comments on their page. Ethan is defaming them not only on social media, but in the newspaper. This affects every police officer in Worcester who relies on the public to trust them. Ethan wanted attention, so they should let him have it.


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