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Video Of Pat Mahomes’ Obnoxious Girlfriend After Chiefs Beat The Texans Is Why I Hope They Never Win A Super Bowl


I’ve never been able to conjure up the same hatred for the Kansas City Chiefs that I have for franchises like the Ravens, Eagles, Steelers, and Jets. That was until I found out who this woman was.

Pat Mahomes’ obnoxious girlfriend Brittany Matthews, an unemployed Instagram “influencer” who doesn’t shut up, and made up a blatant lie about Patriots fans harassing her at Gillette Stadium in December.

My goal moving forward is to make sure she is never happy, and thus Kansas City cannot win a Super Bowl. I’ve also lost respect for Mahomes, the reigning NFL MVP, for settling for someone who isn’t hot enough (or hot at all) to make up for how insufferable she is.

Nothing demonstrated that better than her attention seeking video from last week’s win over the Texans at home. Just remember while watching this that this is probably how she was acting while being “harassed” at Gillette Stadium.


Newsflash – you are not important. The only reason you have any following whatsoever is because you felate a millionaire. I know you think you’re important because you share videos of you doing squats on IG.


But the only reason you have any platform whatsoever is because you picked the right guy to drill. FACKS.

“I just wanted to tune in to say, all those people who doubted on us and hated on us, and thought we were gonna lose this game, (screaming something inaudible).”

The Chiefs were over a touchdown favorite at home, going against a team that has never made an AFC Championship and is notorious for choking in big moments. There wasn’t a single person in the world who “doubted” the Chiefs. Even when they were up 24-0 it left like the Texans were losing. And let’s not forget that the only reason the Chiefs were even in a position to host that game was because of this.

If Pat Mahomes dumped her I might pull for the Chiefs. But without the Patriots in this game for the first time since the 2010 season, I have no choice but to make sure this woman never gets to experience the joy we’ve felt so many times.

P.S. What happened to this tweet Brittany?

Maybe your boyfriend finally told you to stop guaranteeing that he’d win six Super Bowls. Ya know, because he has to do the work while you play around with hashtags on IG and annoy everyone you come in contact with.


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