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Video Reveals Disturbing Text Messages Stow Police Chief Sent 14 Year Old Boy, Pedo Poachers Live Show Interview Set For 7 PM


Earlier today we blogged about how the Fitchburg activists (they don’t like being called vigilantes, which is a way cooler word), caught Stow Police Chief Ralph Marino attempting to solicit sex with what he believed to be a 14 year old boy in Leominster. They released the video this afternoon showing the text messages exchanged, and it’s pretty disturbing.

Just to review, the Stow Police Chief believed that he was speaking with a 14 year old, and told this child that there was “nothing wrong with being shy.”

He described his sexual preferences with the child. (of course he’s a bottom)

He asked how big the child’s reproductive organ was.

He admitted that he had the same size reproductive organ as a 14 year old.

He believed that the child’s mother was at work but tried to meet him anyway.

The messages continue on April 13 at 10:05 AM, when the Chief attempts to bring the child into the woods, presumably for sex. This is significant because according to WCVB a two year old girl in Stow went missing at 10:30 AM, and was found at 12:30 PM.

The child, identified as Maggie, was last seen on Kerrington Way shortly before 10:30 a.m., officials said. She was found about 2 hours later.

He messaged the child back with the picture of himself at 12:48, just 15 minutes after the girl was found. This means that immediately after his department helped save a child, he immediately went out and tried to victimize another child.


This all happened right in downtown Leominster too.

Once again, credit to the Pedo Poachers. This man is a predator and he was in charge of law enforcement in a the town of Stow. He’s been relieved of his duties and I’m sure he will be charged. That’s a huge public service that one man with an iPhone just did. These guys prevent children from being raped. If Marino didn’t fall for the decoy he might’ve found a real kid. I continue to be amazed by how easy it is for them to find predators in such a small portion of Massachusetts.

Every time I see these videos I always feel bad for the family. Here’s what his sister posted five days ago.

Just shows you how powerful a force being a pedophile is. This guy is a cop. He knows exactly what the punishment is for doing something like this. He was probably close to retirement and could’ve collected a pension and been set for life. But he was so addicted to kids that he was willing to play with fire until he got burnt. Women, drugs, and alcohol combined don’t have that sort of power over a man the way the thought of victimizing children does for a pedophile.

The story has now been picked up by NBC, WCVB, and Masslive. Expect all the Boston media to have it shortly. Thanks to Masslive for linking both the Predator Poachers and Turtleboy.

I’ll be doing a special live show interview with Jason from the Pedo Poachers at 7 tonight on our YouTube channel. Click here to subscribe.

P.S. Kate “Bristol Blarney” Peter saw we did a blog on it and did what she always does –


Attempted to bite off of our stories with her bootleg Turtleboy spinoff “Masshole Report.” Personally, I think that a woman who was recently investigated for suspicious bruises on the 13 year old daughter she neglects and has lost to DCF several times, and who previously had 2 children taken from her by DCF, is probably the last person who should be hosting a guy who advocates for kids. Just my opinion.


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