Video Shows Aunt Of Worcester Teen Car Thief Blaming Police For Deadly Crash Going Full Derek Chauvin In Bar Fight, Has Google Trophies, Son In Jail For Gun Charges


Yesterday we published a blog about a woman named Erica Clay, who was blaming Worcester Police for the fact that her 15 year old nephew and 4 other teens stole a SUV, drove nearly 70 mph on Main Street, went through a red light, crashed into two cars, and ejected the occupants, including a 13 year old girl who died.

Well, you know you’re a guttermuppet when you get featured in a Turtleboy blog and you’re proud of it.

The most remarkable part about this is that the mainstream media treated this Hurricane Betty’s day shift reject like she’s some sort of person whose opinion on anything matters. They validated her anti-police rhetoric by grilling the police at a press conference 2 days ago, but didn’t ask her or any of the other parents the only question that matters – where the hell were you?

Erica Clay somehow appointed herself family spokesperson, but the teen’s mother’s name is Anitra Gamble, and she goes by Melanin Monroe on Facebook.

She works as a medical secretary at UMass Memorial Hospital. In 2007 she was charged with felony A&B with a dangerous weapon.


In 2019 she was charged with larceny after she stole her ex-girlfriend’s work vehicle during a messy breakup in Main South, parked it around the block, stole her wallet and work phone, and then refused to open the door when police came to question her.


She also likes to get knocked up gangbangers. In 2007 her baby daddy Andrew Robinson, who was “well-known to authorities and lived a lifestyle of violence,” and had “many enemies,” was murdered by rival hoodboogers in a home invasion.

Anitra Veira-Gamble of Worcester, who identified herself as the mother of Mr. Robinson’s 5-year-old daughter, said Mr. Robinson had seven children. She said he had been “living the fast life” but was a good father to his children.

“Both had been victims of gun violence and they were actively involved in the culture of violence,” Police Chief Gary J. Gemme said. “If you’re going to live the life of a gangster, you’re going to die like a gangster.”

The fact that she thinks a well known violent criminal is capable of being a “good father to his children,” pretty much tells me everything I need to know about what a worthless mother she is. Newslfash – the most important thing a father can be is a good role model. If you go around shooting people and selling drugs your kids are going to think that’s normal and grow up to do the same. Your kid didn’t end up in a stolen vehicle that crashed by accident. He was there as a result of your failures as a mother.

Erica Clay might not be the mother to any of the kids in the stolen car, but she is also a failure of a parent in her own regard. This is her son Cassius Clay.


Yes, that’s right – Miss BLM gave her son Muhammed Ali’s slave name.

Erica did such a poor job raising Cassius that by the time he was 18 he was already well known to the police from his involvement in gangs. Last year Cassius was hanging out with his friend Samuel Meitla and a 15 year old when they shot the juvenile in the face:

Good thing they posted a video of themselves on Snapchat playing with illegally obtained guns. Nothing ever gets screenshotted on Shapchat. Ever.

Erica is a gangbanging criminal herself. She’s served time in Framingham for drug dealing, and was arrested 2 years ago by State Police for driving on a suspended license.

When Cassius was younger she plead guilty to dealing cocaine and gun charges, and was put on a DCF plan.

Not surprisingly she seems to believe that teenagers stealing cars and leading police on high speed chases is some sort of rite of passage for growing up ghetto in Worcester.

She helped bail her son out of jail last year, but he ended up violating the terms of his release and is now locked up in the Worcester House of Corrections awaiting trial.


Erica presented herself at the press conference as some sort of legitimate human being whose opinions should be taken seriously, but here she is just a few months ago fighting a rival ho at 3 G’s sports bar in Worcester:


Winning bar fights is likely one her biggest accomplishments in life, after raising a son who took up the family business and acquiring the most cigarettes and Cheetos in D block. You can tell this wasn’t her first such encounter with a rival sperm sponge either. The other woman appeared to try to strike her with a bottle, but she was just like…nah.


She then gained leverage and began giving her the hoodrat helicopter.


Then they did the Worcester Waltz before Pepperoni Pinatas stuck her leg behind the other woman and gave her the Grafton Hill Grundlestomp.


It could’ve ended right there but Pepperoni Pinatas ended up going full Derek Chauvin on her ass instead.

Remember, Masslive, the Telegram and Gazette, WCVB, and every other local media outlet took this person seriously.

Meanwhile on Erica’s page the rest of the grief-stricken mcnuggets were agreeing with her that Turtleboy is the bad guy for reporting the truth about what a complete trashbag she is, and wishing that I would be “earthed” soon.











According to Jack Murray I’m going to get popped for libel one day. Someone might wanna tell him that many have tried, and all have failed, as I remain undefeated in civil court.

I’ve never been roasted like this before either:


Presented without comment:

It doesn’t matter how bad you suck up to them and pretend to be their friend Jack, you’re never going to be invited to the barbecue.


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