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Video: Springfield Woman Films 911 Call Chasing Kidnapper Miguel Rodriguez With 11 Year Old Girl Driving 100 MPH Through City


Twenty four year old Miguel Rodriguez was arrested tonight for kidnapping 11 year old Springfield girl Charlotte Moccia on her way home from school. The complete stranger grabbed the girl and put her into a blue Honda Civic driven by an unknown woman. Hours later the car was spotted on the Mass Pike in Charlton and pulled over by the State Police, because this moron thought it would be wise to drive on the road where he was most likely to be seen by police.

But what’s not being reported is the heroism of this woman:

Her name is Amanda Disley and she was driving around Springfield when she noticed someone being pushed down in the backseat of a blue Honda Civic, thought it was suspicious, followed the car and called the police. This video is absolutely wild.

Although it’s probably not advised to lead a vigilante high speed chase through an urban area like that, if she hadn’t made that phone call Charlotte could be dead right now.

Technology works.

Amber alerts work.

And without the power of social media this might not have happened. Yet another example of why platform access should be a CIVIL RIGHT. It’s how information gets spread in 2020. It saves lives. No one should ever be kept off social media. Ever.

The dispatcher who took the call thanks Amanda and her husband for their heroism

I’m sure we will find out more about the perp in a day or two, but we did find this court record from last year.

Indecent assault and battery on a child under 14. And yet here he is walking free. We will expose the judge responsible for letting this animal go free as soon as we find out their name. As a direct result of their lenience a girl could’ve been killed tonight, were it not for Amanda Disley.


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  1. There are at least 20 missing person cases in Western, MA in the last 6 months. Is this being investigated as a serial murdersr/kidnapper?

  2. Please expose the judge who set him free so we can make sure this doesn’t happen again ! Great reporting work thank you !

  3. You guys where awesome .Imagine the trauma that little girl went thought and you saved her from more traumatizing and permanently horror in her daily life.True heros God bless

  4. Thank God she is safe ,bless those people who helped .I hope they get the book thrown at them .In the article they should have left out the fact that she was an idiot for driving on a main road with a lot of police ,because that’s info for the sickos out there .

  5. Its crazy how people are criticizing these two heros for driving so fast with their kids in the car in pursuit of the kidnapper instead of applauding them for giving a fuck about someone other then themselves. I would hope them others wouldve done the same exact thing if they were in the same position. God placed these people in the same vicinity of this asshole to make sure this lil girl would be saved! No one should criticize them! Plus you can clearly tell they slowed down and made sure no cars were coming before they took the redlight! They are heros anyone that says otherwise is delusional!

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