Videos Show Group Complaining About Racial Profiling On Marathon Route In Newton Were Taking Up Entire Street, Shooting Confetti Guns At Runners


Yesterday we published a blog about a woman named Alison Desir, a professional race baiting activist who organized a Twitter mob to accuse the Newton Police of being racist because she saw a video of bicycle cops doing crowd control in front of a diverse group of people on Heartbreak Hill.

The media predictably fell for it with headlines like this one from the Boston Globe:

The group is called Pioneer Runners Crew, and it was founded in 2017 because too many white people ran in and cheered on runners during the marathon. This year they set up tents, played loud music, danced, barbecued, and planned to cheer runners on. All of that is fine, because runners get energy from the excitement of the day and the cheers of complete strangers urging them at the hardest point of the race.

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But the problem that none of these morons mentioned was that they kept running onto the course, getting in the way of other runners, and shooting confetti guns into the crowd. You can hear the pops of the confetti guns on their IG story.

To the untrained ear it could sound like gunfire, which is a really bad idea on the 10 year anniversary of the terrorist attack. If there was an explosion, or if someone did get shot, people would think it was a confetti gun.

Here’s some more highlights. 

They literally took up the entire length of the street every time one of their runners passed by

Act like you’ve been there before. It’s one thing to cheer on runners from the sideline and give them a high five. But these dolts obstructed entire streets and had dance parties in the middle of the road.

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Never mind the fact that the confetti was everywhere and it was raining, which created a bunch of slippery paper that runners had to go over while traveling uphill after already running 21 miles. The guy in charge of sweeping it all up nearly got run over by a stampede of DEI.

The Newton Police calmly asked them three times to stay on the side of the road where they can cheer on runners and be as loud as they want. But they didn’t feel like listening to those instructions so they had to be babysat like the literal children they are.

Just look at how racist these cops are telling the WHITE people to chill out.

This is Aliese Lash, the president of the Pioneers Running Crew.

She basically got into running because it was a way to become a mobile billboard for the communist street riot group known as black lives matter.

She told CBS News that it was “traumatizing and triggering” that her group of adults had to be watched over because they couldn’t follow basic rules. Her excuse was every second grader’s favorite justification for being naughty – “they were doing it too.”

“Down the street at Wellesley, people are jumping on the course to kiss people,” said Lash. “There’s no police presence like that on the course anywhere else, and to us that was really disturbing. It was really traumatizing and triggering,” she said. 

You know your life is easy and privileged when you’re “traumatized” by cops asking you to stand behind a rope while you’re watching a marathon.

I’ve run the Boston Marathon twice and never was kissed by the Wellesley lesbians who you hear from a mile away. They don’t shoot confetti guns or take up the entire road. There’s also much less spectators before Newton, which is where the race becomes much louder.

And yes, people do sometimes jump in and run with runners, but they’re not supposed to. In 2013 I waited at the top of Heartbreak Hill for my brother, then jumped in the race with him for the last 5 miles so he had company (luckily he ran it in 2:53 so we finished before the bombs went off). If I had been told by a cop that I couldn’t then I would’ve accepted that and moved on with my day. Because that’s what grownups do. Either way, this is not the same thing that the Pioneers did because:

  1. I did it once, not 40 times to 40 different runners.
  2. It was just me.
  3. I didn’t have a banner that took up the entire road.
  4. I wasn’t shooting confetti guns into the crowd.

So there you have it. Every media outlet has helped propagate the lie that the Newton Police targeted this group of people because they were too black, or too diverse. But the reality is that they didn’t believe that the rules applied to them so they had to be watched over like the kid in class that would put glue up his nose if the teacher didn’t hover over him.