Violent Boston Latin Brawl Is End Result Of “March Toward Greater Equity” By Getting Rid Of Resource Officers And Entrance Exams


Yesterday at Boston Latin Middle School a disturbing brawl broke out in the hallways between 4 girls and was caught on tape by another student who was loving every minute of it.

Does anyone fight one on one anymore? Maybe I sound like a boomer, but we just had a different code growing up. When two people were fighting you just let them fight. Now if you see your friend is losing you are required to jump in and help them. It started with Pink Pants vs. Jeans.

Then Red Pants jumped in and started tagteaming Pink Pants.

Then Plus Sized Pink Pants dropped her bag, threw red pants out of the way, and started beating Jeans like an unloved stepchild.

From there it separated in two separate fights which went on for far too long and could’ve ended up with someone getting seriously hurt.

Didn’t end well for Red Pants.

A trained police officer could’ve ended that much sooner, or prevented it from happening in the first place. Keep in mind, the woke brigade led by Michelle Wu, Kendra Lara, Tania Fernandes-Anderson, Ricardo Arroyo, and Julia Mejia, are the reason that resource officers were removed from schools. They want kids to get hurt because they hate police more than anything. That’s all this comes down to.

City Councilor Erin Murphy recently responded to concerns from parents and teachers in co-signing a letter to Mayor Wu calling for police and metal detectors to be put back in schools after a series of violent incidents.

A black woman who says that she is a teacher, parent, and graduate of the BPS echoed the opinions of most teachers in stating why she thought resource officers are a good thing.

The data shows that violent incidents in schools dramatically decrease with the presence of officers. Unlike teachers they are trained and paid to de-escalate violent incidents. But they also build community trust by establishing relationships with students through conversations in the hallways and mentoring.

However, white people like this “comedian” Gerald Dudley, who wouldn’t last a week teaching in the public schools, want to ignore the input from teachers of color because they’ve been trained to believe that being anti-police in all situations makes them good “allies.”

It’s really quite pathetic.

Councilors Lara, Ferndande-Anderson, and Mejia all chose not to sign the letter. Instead Lara retweeted Antifa propaganda celebrating the death of a white terrorist who died after shooting at police officers outside of Atlanta.

Meanwhile, Councilor Mejia, who has a yard sign for alleged rapist Ricardo Arroyo sitting outside her house, took a shot at Murphy’s letter by tweeting that police don’t prevent sexual violence in school.

And if there’s anything her friend Ricardo Arroyo knows about its sexual violence in high school. Mejia wouldn’t know much about high school at all, considering she recently posted a video on Tik Tok of herself walking through her alma mater and bragging about how she routinely skipped school.

Stay in school kids. You don’t want to end up like this:

It’s interesting that this incident happened at Boston Latin, which was previously considered one of the most prestigious high schools in the country. But that was before activists decided that the school was racist because it was an exam school students had to apply to get into, and only the highest achieving students were selected. This resulted in too many white and Asian kids from West Roxbury, which upset two School Committee members who were caught texting during a meeting that they were “sick of Westie whities.” The unelected School Committee fixed this “problem,” by getting rid of the merit-based admissions system.

The new system will not consider race directly, instead comparing eligible students within one of eight socioeconomic “tiers” based on their home addresses.

They can’t consider race because racial discrimination is illegal, so they just renamed it “socioeconomic tiers.” Because apparently Boston Latin didn’t have enough of this before:

According to the former superintendent, this is what equity looks like, and that’s a good thing.

“It is also true that we are taking a significant step forward this evening,” Cassellius added, “in our march [toward] greater justice and equity” in Boston’s schools.

In their “march toward greater justice and equity” they have made the Boston Public Schools less safe for everyone.

March Toward Greater Justice And Equity Leads To


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