Vote For Who Should Advance In Round 2 Of The Lorrayna Calle Bracket Of Rachet Madness 2020


Round 2 of Turtleboy Ratchet Madness begins today in the Lorrayna Calle bracket. You have 24 hours to vote for which ratchets should advance to the Sweet 16. In each matchup we provide you with a ratchet resume along with links to previous blogs so that you can make an informed decision.


1. Lorrayna Calle vs. 9. Duck Lipped Platypus

1. Lorrayna Calle

  • Assaulted, abused, and had a restraining order taken out against her by a 5 year old girl who she was jealous of because the girls’ father is her current husband
  • Stalked and harassed the girl’s mother for years, vowing to murder both her and the child
  • Made a fake Facebook account, pretending to be the girl’s mother, messaged Turtleboy with it, pretended to be the mother, and acted ratchet in the hopes that we would blog about the woman who had a restraining order out against her
  • Photoshopped a Turtleboy Facebook post to make it look like we had posted her DCF files
  • Sent us graphic images of the 5 year old girl she abused
  • Sat outside the girl’s elementary school taking pictures which she sent to the girl’s grandmother
  • Has RO’s out against her by multiple friends of the girl’s mother
  • Has sent me hundreds of graphic death threats from burner phone numbers
  • Vowed to kill mother’s unborn child
  • While under house arrest she violated RO with Spencer woman and was incarcerated for three months
  • Attempted to not answer the door, forgetting that she had a GPS ankle bracelet on
  • Sent TB pictures of a hospital, claiming to be on the floor where the mother’s new born baby was being kept


9. Duck Lipped Platypus

  • Sold hoarded masks for inflated prices on Facebook to take advantage of a pandemic
  • Previously arrested for abusing dogs in Rhode Island while attempting to open up dog grooming salon
  • Raises and sells pit bulls exclusively
  • Has been charged with larceny, shoplifting, eviction, domestic violence, assault and battery, receiving stolen goods, warrants, and driving without a license
  • Got married to the only man in Rhode Island with more Google trophies than her
  • Is a professional couponer who hoards items and sells them on Facebook for a living




4. Revere DCF Junkies vs. 5. New Bedford Dog Abuser

4. Revere DCF Junkies

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  • Filmed themselves driving an unrestrained four year old around while high out of their minds, texting, and calling him a fat f***ing pig
  • Mark Contrado attempted to do damage control with a series of posts blaming TBS for photoshopping the video, but quickly took down his page when the Internet destroyed him
  • He is an up and coming rapper
  • He wears flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hats and smokes Newports
  • He was featured three years ago in an online story about junkie parents overcoming the odds to be great parents and said that he was a professional rapper
  • Frequently sold unopened donated children’s gifts on Facebook
  • Proudly brags that “I dnt read” in his Facebook bio under favorite books
  • The mother, Gia Gaeta, was first featured on TBS in 2017, and attempted to shame a rival junkie by emailing NSTB
  • She has been known to threatens to murder other people’s children
  • She is an online prostitute with dozes of bad reviews from Johns who claimed to have contracted STD’s from her


5. New Bedford Dog Abuser

  • Was seen viciously beating a dog in the backyard of the New Bedford apartment he was staying in with the latest woman he was shacking up with
  • Attempted to flee the apartment but was blockaded by a brave woman who would not allow him to leave
  • Previously spent 10 years in prison for killing his own newborn baby while living in New York
  • Previously convicted of rape before that
  • Released on bail and is still at large to this day




3. Camel Toe Truck Girl vs. 6. Brockton Poontang Plow

3. Camel Tow Truck Girl

  • Was the drugged out girlfriend of Josh Abrams, who drove around with him while he harassed police officers all over the state
  • Allowed herself to be prostituted by Josh Abrams in exchange for money so that they could continue to fill her car up with gad AND get Wendy’s
  • After Josh was arrested in August she used his YouTube channel to solicit over $800 in bail money, even though Josh was being held without bail
  • Found a new pimp in a local drug dealer who pimped her out to a man at the Encore Casino
  • Stayed in his room after their session was over and used his name to run up a bill of over $10,000, most of which was on sunglasses, which she live streamed on Josh’s YouTube channel while he was still in jail
  • Allowed herself to be whored out to a man named Julio while Josh watched in the corner, then refused to testify against Josh Abrams after Josh attempted to rape her
  • Immediately began dating former TBS ratchet Billy Baggz shortly after Josh Abrams went to jail



6. Brockton Poontang Plow

  • Posted complaint on Brockton Hub filled with profanity about a plow driver who plowed some of the grass on her property
  • Mocked children and down syndrome when people objected to the language she used
  • Vowed to kill my mother and children in front of me, tear out their uterus, and bring her state trooper uncle with her
  • Vowed to have me raped with a coat hanger
  • Has continued to message me on Facebook page vowing to murder my children in front of me
  • Sent me pictures of guns and her uncle who allegedly is in the mafia, and vowed to have me slaughtered





2. Weymouth Wenchstain vs. 10. Nashua Nut Serpent

2. Weymouth Wenchstain

  • Previously featured on TBS for faking her own kidnapping by gagging herself, tying herself up and throwing herself in a ditch off of the highway
  • Claimed that her 10 week old fetus’s ashes were stolen from outside her apartment
  • Created a fake Facebook account alleging to be her sister, in order to raise money and designer clothing for herself
  • Created a fake online persona using a Boston nurse’s information and pictures of a North Carolina family in order to get jobs baby sitting children
  • Previously asked strangers on Facebook if she could live in their house and be their nanny
  • Came on the TB Live show and faked her own domestic violence incident, pretending to be assaulted by boyfriend whose car she had stolen and led police on high speed chase through Boston
  • Assaulted boyfriend with phone she was using to record him performing oral sex on her
  • Attends foot fetish parties where she makes $160 an hour sucking the toes of strange men



10. Nashua Nut Serpent

  • Repeat drug dealer who faced life in prison for selling crack cocaine while 7 months pregnant
  • Was upset with rival ratchet who would not fight her due to her own pregnancy
  • Said she didn’t fear jail because she just did 18 months for something she didn’t do
  • Previously was arrested for attempting to run a cop over with her car while her 18 month old child was in the backseat
  • US Marshalls considered her a well known gang member responsible for several home invasions
  • Printed counterfeit money and attempted to use it at the Christmas Tree Shop
  • Grew up as a normal suburban white girl from Tyngsboro, but frequently uses the n word while posting about her baby daddy (who is also in jail), DTA, and DCF,
  • Sold her body as part of a 2 for 1 special as a Craig’s List hooker
  • Sent her deadbeat Dad after us to threaten to kill me with a Louisville slugger





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