Wachusett School Committee Discusses Changing Mountaineer Mascot Because Guns Are Offensive, Demands “Anti-Racist” Books Be Taught In School


Tomorrow at 6 PM I will be participating in a candidates forum for Holden School Committee.

It will be live streamed on Holden TV, which you can watch by clicking here

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One of the reasons I’m running for School Committee is that I don’t want my kids to be indoctrinated with propaganda. I just want them to learn math, science, history, English, foreign language, and enjoy the social atmosphere of being in school. However, a quick gander at summer reading books on the Wachusett Regional High School History Department’s website shows that a bunch of teachers recommended books written by multi-millionaire race grifters Ibram Kendi and Robin DiAngelo. This cannot go unchallenged, and the current School Committee allows it to happen.

Tonight on the live show (subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here) at 9 PM I’m going to show a video of how BLM is already running this school district, and how a subcommittee of social justice warriors is letting kids smear their teachers as racist. I watched a September 8 video from the “Diversity, Equity, and Anti-Racism Subcommittee” which ultimately decides curriculum that’s taught in schools, and it’s just madness. I’ll be breaking down the highlights tonight, which included a debate on whether the mountaineer mascot is offensive (one member wants to ban it because she’s “anti-gun”), an end to Christmas decorations in schools, and a discussion about how microaggressions are abuse. This is what they were doing instead of figuring out a way to open up the schools, and is basically the primary reason I’m running.

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