Waltham Principal Who Apologized For Honoring School Resource Officer On Law Enforcement Day Is The Daughter And Sister Of Cops, Caved To Demands Of 8 Parents Who Want 15% Of All PTO Sales Now


Earlier today we published a blog about a Waltham Elementary School Principal named Jennifer Santillo and PTO President Lauren Fournier, who wrote a letter to parents apologizing for the fact that they honored the school resource officer on a Facebook post, because the it had a wooden homemade thin blue line flag in the picture.

We have a couple new developments. First of all, this is Fitzgerald Elementary School Principal Jennifer Santillo’s father.


Today, after 37 years of exemplary service to the Town of Framingham, Detective Larry S. Hendry is retiring. We wish him…

Posted by Framingham Police Department on Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Larry Hendry was a well respected, 37 year Framingham detective. Her brother is also a police officer. Instead of standing up for police she threw them under the bus.

A few people have messaged us defending her due to her family’s ties to law enforcement. But to me, the people who give into these mobs are ten times worse than the people demanding thin blue line symbols be removed. Their demands are absurd and ridiculous and you are not required to humor them. If people stood up to them then they’d be powerless.

Jennifer Santillo failed to do that because she thought it would be easier to give them what they want, hoping they would go away, and in doing so she disgraced her family. That’s because they know that the SJW mobs are relentless, but we’re not. This is the mentality that needs to change. Every time something like this happens you should bombard those responsible with emails. It’s no longer acceptable for anyone to publicly treat police officers or conservatives like subhuman animals and not expect pushback.

[email protected]

This was the post in question:

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And this is the “demand” letter sent by 8 parents on the PTO to the Principal, who we will now shame as well.

“further a political agenda.”

There’s nothing political about supporting murdered police officers.

“Supporting the Blue Lives Matter movement at this particular moment demonstrates a serious lack of judgement and empathy.”

When is a good time to support the blue lives matter movement? When a cop is murdered? Because that happens much more often than unarmed black men being killed by police. And how long do we get to use that symbol after a cop is killed? A week? Two weeks? Inquiring minds want to know.

“It is not enough to remove a post and apologize.”

This is why you should never negotiate or give an inch to these people. No matter what you do it will never be enough. Ever. They don’t want you to just grovel and beg for forgiveness, they want you to pay them too. They want you to sit through a brainwashing session called “diversity training” where tax dollars pay someone like Monica Cannon-Grant to lecture you about your “unconscious bias”, so that they can further the racism-industrial complex and have a reason to exist.

They also demand that the PTO member who posted it to be blacklisted for life from everything, along with an “audit” of all school lessons to make sure it aligns with BLM propaganda. Because those are reasonable demands.

Most importantly they want 15% of all PTO sales to be diverted towards social justice causes so that it can line the pockets of people like Robin D’Angelo instead of being used to give back to children.

Let’s meet them.

Joe Previtera was arrested in 2004 for making a false bomb threat and using a hoax device, while he was a student at Boston College, after he strapped wires to himself and “protested” the detainment of Iraqi POW’s.

Joe Previtera, a twenty one year old student at Boston College, was arrested on May 26 and charged with felonies after dressing as a hooded Iraqi prisoner in front of a military recruitment center on Tremont St. in downtown Boston. In his arraignment a Suffolk County District Attorney suggested that Mr. Previtera’s bail be set at $10,000. Previtera’s attorneys persuaded the judge to free Previtera on personal recognizance. Previtera faced misdemeanor charges of disturbing the peace and felony charges of making a false bomb threat and using a hoax device.

Since then he’s made headlines for driving a veggie car that runs on grease and his own vaginal farts.

Elizabeth Moy and Andrew Camp are a married couple who force their children to become props by dressing them up in “resist deportations” and “black lives matter” gear.

She works at the Rose Art Museum, whose Facebook post can be found here. Please, whatever you do, DO NOT flood their page with one star reviews. I am begging you! I really, really hate it when the cancel culture mob gets a taste of their own medicine. It’s the worst.


Kelly Damm is a failed City Council candidate who lost miserably when she ran in 2017, likely because nobody likes her.


Georgiana Pierre-Louis is the wife of Jean Pierre-Louis, the lone person of color to sign this document.

Jean is really threatened by the sight of a thin blue line symbol because he’s very oppressed living life as an associate finance director for a pharmaceutical company.

The struggle is real.


Matthew Jerram is a neuropsychologist and college professor who ends everything he writes with “PhD,” lest you forget he’s not a douchebag.

He may seem a little bit old to be in the PTO, but that’s because he’s one of those guys who decided to be an elderly parent because that’s the cool thing for hipsters to do these days.


Dean Taormina, I’m almost positive I got a picture of but I won’t publish unless I’m 1,000 percent sure. Hit me up on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson or email [email protected] if you have a pic of him we could use.

These people are our enemies, they think they’re better than you, and they don’t have any intention of getting along with us. I’m all for it it personally, because I’m not naive enough to fall for all this “uniting” nonsense they pretend to be about. You can’t unite with people who try to extort 15% of PTO sales for their pet causes because they’re pretending to be offended by cops who honor other cops who were killed in the line of duty. We’re better off identifying our enemies and using their tactics against them.

Shame on the principal for giving into these 8 spectacular troglodytes and bringing shame upon her brother and father in the process.


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