Waraq Gang Members Raising $100K With GoFundMe For Rapper’s Facial Tattoo To Change Hip Hop For The Better


Fresh off their newfound street cred from being labeled as a gang by the Providence Police after they incited a riot during the black lives matter “peaceful protests,” Waraq is stepping up their game and is looking for a $100K investor. Or just a bunch of people donating small amounts that add up to $100K. Don’t worry though, it’s for a really good cause:

Billy “The Tapioca Tornado” Palazzo needs $100K so he can tattoo a W for Waraq on his face, and in doing so Waraq will be able to “take down the whole industry.” All it takes for every other rapper to just pack up and get a real job is a facial tattoo on this man.

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Anything extra will go towards a razor for the tube farm growing on his face, and perhaps some conditioner. It’s up to you to make sure the greatest artist to ever touch a mic can continue to read lyrics off his Blackberry.

So far they’ve raised $290 for their “hopes and dreams.”

So for now the rest of the rap game is safe. But if he raises another $99,710, y’all haters best watch out.

I have bad news for Waraq though – it doesn’t matter how much money you raise, because Uncle Turtleboy is still the dopest rapper in this game.

Waraq has produced several new videos since they’ve been labeled as a gang and you can watch and enjoy them all on their Facebook page. My personal favorite was when one of them borrowed their Mom’s car, rolled up, and halfway through someone bound and gagged opens up the backdoor, falls out, and lays there for the remainder of the video.

A new addition to their artistry is to have transgender Janeane Garofalo make his introduction to the videos by throwing a hatchet and yelling, “hammer time.”

Not to be confused with “arm and hammer time.”

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I also like the one they filmed in Mom’s basement.

Can’t decide if I’m drawn to their gangsta aura or their raw sex appeal. They don’t even be foldin’ they laundry yo!

Whenever Waraq comes out with a new video I only want to know one thing – where is shed boy hiding?

I made a compilation of his previous hiding spots.

But he’s got some new ones so I had to make a part 2.

Vote for your favorite.

Fire pit.



Basement coat rack.




I’d have these guys on the live show but they’re not nearly as entertaining during interviews. It’s like talking to ghetto Beavis and Butthead. But to this day I still can’t figure out if they really think they’re good rappers, or if it’s a parody and they’re in on the joke to build up a following. They have over 30K followers on Facebook and they’ve put out videos with more than a million views. I’m leaning towards they think they’re good rappers, because they seem stupid enough to believe that. Surely they must see the comments, but I truly believe that they seem them and believe that it’s just the “haters” trying to keep them from taking over the rap game. Vote in the poll.



Either way, I’m their agent so if you want to speak with them you’ll have to come to me first.



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