Waraq Live Streams Themselves Torturing, Killing, Preparing To Eat Iguanas In Florida


We haven’t blogged about Waraq since two years ago when two racially confused members of the Obamaphone Thugs N Harmony rap group, famous for making videos in which one of their members jumps out from a hiding spot, were charged by Providence Police with inciting a riot that led to a cop car getting destroyed during the George Floyd riots.


They’re still doing their thing, looking for attention on the Internet while being completely unaware that everyone who is watching them thinks their act is satire, when in fact they are being completely serious.


Apparently they weren’t getting enough attention though, because the Tapioca Tornado, Transgender Janeane Garofolo, Shampoo Shamus, and company decided to fly to Florida to murder iguanas on camera.


It’s legal to hunt iguanas in Florida because they’re an invasive species that can lay 80 eggs at a time, grow up to 5 feet long, and do serious damage to existing infrastructure.

However, Florida law requires they be killed in a humane manner:

Green iguanas, like all nonnative, invasive species, are not protected in Florida except by anti-cruelty law (Florida Statutes § 828.12). They can be captured and humanely killed on private property at any time with landowner permission. Members of the public may also catch and humanely kill iguanas on 25 Commission-managed public lands without a license or permit required, under Executive Order 20-17. There is an ethical obligation to ensure iguanas and other nonnative species are killed in a humane manner that results in immediate loss of consciousness and destruction of the brain.”

But instead of doing that they elected to film themselves slowly torturing iguanas after trying to get them to fight each other.



They went full Michael Vick. Except Mike Vick wasn’t dumb enough to film it. The iguanas didn’t wanna play hoodrat gladiators and the bigger one kept trying to escape. By the end it had no fight left in it and was basically immobile and possibly dead. It died because Bill Pillazo was repeatedly grabbing it by the neck and stuffing it into the ground.




After that Shampoo Shamus live streamed himself cutting up and dissecting one of the iguanas they tortured to eat.




If the video above doesn’t embed you can watch it by clicking here. (unless they remove it from Facebook.

Make a mish Eminem, who is normally a mainstay in Waraq videos and has gained a significant amount of weight, went on the record to state that he does not condone the iguana abuse.


So he’s in the clear.

If you know where they’re staying feel free to contact the Miami Police non-emergency line, or message us on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected], so this disgusting animal abuse can be reported.


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