Wareham High School Announces Investigation Into Teacher We Exposed For Grooming Former Student, Posting Inappropriate Pictures


Last week we published a blog about a Wareham teacher named Lisa Cunha, who resigned from a teaching position at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech in 2007 after she and a 19 year old former student who was living there with her were arrested for marijuana possession. Sources who know Shayne Dextradaur tell us that the 2006 graduate was having a sexual relationship with Cunha while she was separated from her husband.

The question remains – how did Lisa Cunha get a job at Wareham High School the year after this publicized incident happened? Although she was never convicted, and marijuana possession shouldn’t disqualify anyone from getting a teaching job, the fact that she was living with a recent graduate and lied about that fact to police was troubling.

Even more troubling were the pictures Cunha posted all over Facebook page. Cunha is an advisor for a school club called DECA that does overnight trips. She has posted dozens of selfies she took with students in hotel rooms and other places that are beyond inappropriate.

Keep in mind, this woman resigned from her previous teaching position because she was allegedly having a sexual relationship with a teenager who she met while she was teaching and he was a student. For someone with that background to openly post pictures of her holding hands with teenage boys, hugging them from behind, and being in their hotel rooms late at night, is alarming and idiotic. She also posted them on her personal Facebook page, which is probably even worse.

Some parents have expressed outrage that we did not blur out their children’s faces, and normally I would. However, these pictures are all still up on the official school sanctioned Wareham DECA Facebook page. There is no reason for us to make private what is already public. If the school removes that page we will redact all the images. I would urge the parents who are upset about this to contact the school and demand answers, because I wouldn’t even have these pictures if the school wasn’t posting them on social media.

I knew when I wrote the blog that I would be attacked by students and possibly parents too, as the “cool teacher” is always well liked. Within hours the Turtleboy Facebook page was filled with defenders justifying her actions.

“She spends countless hours outside of her regular school day supporting her students.”

Yea, she’ll even let them move in a month after they graduate.

“Lisa truly cares about her students.”

Trust me, we know. She cares A LOT!

“She’s extremely invested.”

So invested that she’ll let them move in with her when they turn 19 and sell weed out of her apartment.

“I’ve never seen anything inappropriate at all.”

Please explain how this is appropriate.

“This is not a valid source of information.”

It’s literally just a collection of pictures on school Facebook accounts and a police report from 2007. Guess it’s all fake though because we compiled it.

“She has a strong bond.”

We know.

The summation of most of these comments is, “She’s so great, blah, blah, blah, my kid wasn’t molested and had a good time with her, blah, blah, blah, therefore we’re OK with her predatory past.”

There wouldn’t be a single parent defending this woman if she were a man and was posing with teenage girls in their hotel rooms like this. Women are almost never viewed as predators when they sleep with barely legal boys. They’re cougars on the prowl. They have their own genre of pornography. It’s a double standard that needs to end.

Several concerned parents attempted to post a link to our blog in the Wareham Matters Facebook group. Unfortunately, the censorious Internet hall monitors who tend to run groups like this usually don’t like Turtleboy and blocked it from being posted because we’re “fake news,” or something. As a result of this censorship parents at the school were unaware that any of this transpired.

Then today all parents received an email from Superintendent Matthew D’Andrea, alerting them of an unnamed “on-line article” that was being investigated, and that student safety was their top priority.

These sort of vague emails do more harm than good because they put parents in a state of unnecessary panic as they try to figure out what it’s about. Who was the teacher? What was the online article? What is being investigated and by who? Was my child around the person being investigated? How can I ask them if something happened to them if I have no idea what this is about?

This is what the Wareham Matters Facebook group admins have done – prevented parents in Wareham from being alerted about a teacher with a predatory past who now has access to their children. These people are so consumed with hatred over an award winning journalist’s work that they’re unable to put their biases aside for the greater good of the children of Wareham. The mother who posted this was completely unaware of what was going on, as were others.

You might not like Turtleboy, but if you censor the true facts we publish in order to cover for a predator then you are not the good person you think you are.

After the email was sent the cat was officially out of the bag, and people were free to link the blog.

Parents of some of the kids in the pictures began to speak out as well.

I’m glad this mother agrees that those pictures are inappropriate, and she did reach out to me about them. I will blur out every kid’s face the moment Wareham High School removes pictures like this that are still on their public Facebook page that anyone can comment on:

Why does Lisa Cunha feel the need to be in EVERY picture? None of the other teachers seem to be. Is this about the kids, or about her desire to hang out with them socially?

A mother of one of the boys spoke out about how she thought the pictures were inappropriate, and said that she believed that lines were already crossed with this teacher.

Nevertheless, some of the same jamokes who defended her on the Turtleboy Facebook page were still defending her, including one man named Corey Tripp who immediately tried to discredit our reporting.

Yea, we get it Corey – your kid likes her and wasn’t molested. Congrats. But others disagree.


She wasn’t “proven guilty” of sleeping with a recently graduated student because it’s not illegal. You can be a law abiding citizen and still be disqualified from teaching.

Everything in the blog I published was factual and backed up by hyperlinked court records. The link he posted to “discredit” my reporting was this 2015 OPINION piece written by a disgraced Telegram and Gazette reporter named Clive McFarlane. I used to write about his horrible columns in the early days of Turtleboy, so he didn’t like me and wrote that hit piece. Clive was fired in 2019 and wasn’t a fan of me because he didn’t agree with my opinions on BLM rioters and the lack of school resource officers at Worcester North High School. His OPINION column was just him “unmasking” me as the man behind my previously anonymous blog that he disagreed with.

Clive also wrote two positive columns about me prior to that when I was a teacher, about how I :

  1. Ran the 2007 Boston Marathon to raise money for uniforms for the Doherty High School track team that I coached, because for some reason we didn’t have any.
  2. Organized a charity student-faculty basketball game when I taught at Shepherd Hill that raised money for a Liberian father who was diagnosed with terminal cancer shortly after emigrating to the United States.

The Telegram has taken both of those articles down from their website but kept the negative opinion column up. Almost as if they want you to have a negative opinion of me, while ignoring the good I’ve done for others.

Clive also wrote in his column that I resigned as a teacher after a trip to Buffalo, and used a source called “Buffalo Bruises,” written by a man named James Kriger, as a source.

No serious person would ever take Kriger seriously, but Clive did.

Kriger was upset that I wrote a blog about how Bills fans treated us on a road trip to watch the Patriots beat them in 2014. The blog made Bills fans look bad because it showed videos of fans calling me a homosexual and trying to tip me over in the port-a-potty.

The blog Kriger wrote about me is no longer viewable because he was sued for libeling a children’s charity in 2017 and lost, so the judge made him take down his entire website.

This is who people like Corey Tripp have to use as a source to discredit my reporting, while I source court documents and public records. I later published a blog with my separation agreement from my teaching job at Shepherd Hill, showing that I wasn’t under any sort of investigation, and that they were paying me a year’s salary to leave if I promised not to sue them. I always bring the receipts.

Luckily there were turtle riders there to correct him.

“You’ll take the word of a blogger over a Worcester newspaper.”

Columnists at newspapers are no different from bloggers, Corey. They write opinions. Please stop defending groomers.

Another woman named Michelle Fitzgerald used a different source called “Masshole Report” to discredit me:


Masshole Report is a blog written by a woman named Katherine Peter from North Attleboro, who lost 2 of her 4 children to the state due to abuse and neglect, and is mad that she was exposed for that on Turtleboy. She tried to get an order on me in court this week and used her 16 year old daughter as a pawn to do that, after urging her daughter to harass our business page on Facebook. A judge forced her daughter to read out loud the heinous, vile things she said about a 5 year old girl in court.

Nevertheless Michelle really wanted people to use this abusive mother as a source.

Finally there was this genius, Tabatha Hill.

“Where’s the court documents?”

In the blog that was censored from the page.

“Why was the former student staying with her.”

Sex and pot.

“Was he friends with her children?”

They were 8 and not living with her.

“Her kids are older than 8.”

When you go back 16 years in time everyone is 16 years younger.

I can’t believe people like this get to vote.

Anyway, I’m glad to see that Wareham High School is finally investigating this woman. She has no business being around children and should never have been hired in the first place. I don’t care how much your kid liked her, or how many fundraisers she’s done for the school. She groomed and had a relationship with a former student in 2007 and she voluntarily displays her lack of boundaries on social media. Nothing else matters.


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