Warwick Mother Arrested While Rioting In Providence Demands Justice For Self-Inflicted Bruising After Punching Jail Cell 


Erin Atwood is a 28 year old mother from Warwick.

As you can see from the crater in her earlobe, she is suffering from a bad case of “I hate my step dad Shawn with a W because he ate all the fruit loops.” To the surprise of no one she hates the police and is a big fan of rioting.

Like any good mother on a Tuesday night Erin decided to leave her child at home and attend a riot to honor Jhamal Gonsalves, who is in a coma after driving his moped directly into a brick wall during a takeover of the City of Providence. These riots are still going on, despite irrefutable video proof showing the police officer’s car never hit Jhamal while he was in the process of committing a crime.

She’s actually seen that video but isn’t convinced that Jhamal crashed into a wall on his own because the civilian video given to the police by a civilian isn’t a civilian video.

Erin was one of 20 people arrested that night for rioting, and is now whining about it on Facebook, demanding the Mayor do something, and threatening lawsuits galore.

Just to review:

  • She showed up after the protest, which means she exclusively came for the rioting portion of the peaceful protest
  • She’s a 28 year old woman upset with the cops because she couldn’t call her Mommy quickly enough to bail her out of jail so she threw a hissy fit in her cell and now has self inflicted bruises
  • She admittedly was acting like a lunatic and blamed this on the cops for not feeding her pills
  • She was told that she was a bad mother for leaving her kid at home while she attended a riot, which is 100% accurate
  • She whined about other rioters not being given a mask after getting arrested at a crowded riot where social distancing guidelines were completely ignored
  • She claims she had a seizure, no medical attention was given to her, and she turned out just fine

Let’s check out the extent of her wounds.

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I’ve had worse hickeys than that in high school. Thots and shares.

Her hands were all “bruised” from intentionally punching the jail cell wall.

Almost messed up her Sponge Bob Tattoo.

She even got a horrible cut.

My three year old had something just like that the other day. He asked me to kiss it and magically the pain stopped. Unfortunately for Emo Emmy, no one wants to kiss her.

And her poor knees….

That’s it? Even Monica Lewinsky would tell Erin to suck it up.

Maybe her knees wouldn’t have gotten like that if she didn’t intentionally fall onto them while being arrested during the riots.

She learned her lesson so much that she was back at the riots last night live streaming.

One person on her page correctly pointed out that sticking around to riot after a protest, especially when the family of the “victim” asked everyone to go home, isn’t a great way to avoid arrest.

She wasn’t trying to hear that though. All she wanted to know was how she could file her deformation lawsuit.

I’m sure the Mayor of Providence, a city she doesn’t live in, will be very concerned about the plight of outside agitator deadbeat Moms who show up to cause mayhem and destruction in the city.

In the spirit of fairness, if Emo Emmy wants to come on the live show this weekend to share her side of the story she’s more than welcomed. That is, if she’s not busy rioting. I think we can all agree that one thing she won’t be occupied with is taking care of her child.


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