WEEI Producer Chris Curtis’ Wife Appears To Have Publicly Shamed Him On IG For Having A Relationship With Spicy Former Intern Lucy Burdge  


According to a website called BJBSJ, an Instagram account run by WEEI producer Christ Curtis’ wife, which is dedicated to their dog, released some private correspondences between Curtis and WEEI intern turned producer Lucy Burdge.

Turtle emojis? Interesting.

Normally the personal and sex lives of consenting adults is not something I’d be concerned with. However, given the history of the station, the topics discussed, and #MeToo culture, it seems entirely relevant. Let me start by saying that I have nothing against Chris Curtis, and he was always fair with me. He seems like a decent person, and he’s one of the last people I’d want to write a blog about. But the fact of the matter is that this story is the talk of Twitter land right now, so it’s hard to ignore.

Curtis produced the highly successful Kirk and Callahan show, and had to deal with millionaire activist Bob Murchison constantly going after the show’s advertisers until Entercom relented and cut ties with both Kirk Minihane and Gerry Callahan. He understandably could not pull a Pam Beasley and walk with them out the door, because people need their jobs. He could not publicly support them, although I’m sure he wanted to.

He now produces the dreadful Greg Hill morning show, which I accidentally tuned into on Friday (they had a sportball match on WEEI the night before I was listening to). No offense to Greg Hill, but I’m sure he knows how terrible it is too. They had Dan Akroyd on and it was so painful to listen to, yet I couldn’t turn it off because I secretly love bad radio. It was a bunch of sad, pathetic, formerly entertaining radio personalities asking a washed up movie star about his new line of vodka. This is what radio sounds like when you let Bob Murchison control the content.

I’m sure Curtis hates what the job is now, but we’ve all had jobs where we have to shut up, punch in, and deal with it. I don’t think anyone holds that against him. However, when he was producing the Kirk and Callahan show one of the most frequent topics they’d rail on was the rampant sexual harassment at the Boston Globe, particularly in that powerful men were having sexual relationships with subordinate women. And as we’ve learned from the #MeToo movement, this is a big no-no.

Now it appears as if the producer of the show that criticized the Globe for this, was actively doing the same thing with former intern turned producer Lucy Bridge, a saucy young Wellesley college coed who appears to be in her mid 20’s.

It’s going to be interesting to see how WEEI and Entercom play this one. Most would agree that it’s unethical for someone in a position of power to be dating an underling in any line of work. Principals shouldn’t be sleeping with superintendents, former pot dealers turned rookie K-9 cops shouldn’t be sleeping with Lt. Colonels in the Massachusetts State Police, and morning show producers shouldn’t be dating spicy young interns turned producers at WEEI.

Miraculously Lucy Burdge became a writer and producer in 2017. If I worked there and this woman who graduated from Wellesley just a couple years ago was getting jobs over me, and then I found out she was sending love messages to Curtis, I’d be upset.

Many people on Twitter have suggested that this was a low move from Curtis because his wife stuck by him when he had a bad drinking problem, which he’s discussed on the show before. He went from this.

To this.

And his wife stood by his side.

But again, that’s none of my business. I’m more interested in seeing how WEEI handles this. Do they care about this? Are they woke to the #MeToo movement? Or do they only care when a guy with a gmail account emails their advertisers relentlessly? I’m not saying I want Curtis or Lucy to lose their jobs, but if they just pretend this never happened it’s insanely hypocritical.

P.S. Will they keep this tweet up?


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