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Well Respected Rutland Cop Arrested For Domestic Violence Incident With Ex-Husband At West Brookfield Home


According to the Holden Landmark, Rutland Police Officer Mai Grover was arrested for domestic violence at her home in West Brookfield.

The first thing you do when you see a post like this is go right to the comments section. And it’s clear based on the overwhelming response from residents that this is a very well known, and very well respected police officer.

She’s also prominently displayed on the Rutland Police’s Facebook page for her work in the community as well as raising money for charities.

She was arrested as a result of a domestic dispute with her ex-husband. Keep in mind that the state police MUST arrest someone at all domestics. If they don’t it could lead to a Jared Remy situation. Generally they identify who they believe to be the aggressor and arrest them. Since this woman is a cop it could’ve factored in to their decision. More than likely her ex-husband won’t end up testifying in court, the charges will be dropped, and if the Rutland Police Chief uses discretion she’ll keep her job.

If she doesn’t keep her job then it’s a grave miscarriage of justice, considering the town she works in. Last year a Rutland Selectman was arrested in Worcester for soliciting a hooker and he never had to resign. He hilariously said it was a “private incident” even though his arrest was public, and he was participating in the buying and selling of sexual services from vulnerable women who are likely addicted to drugs.

If this guy gets to keep his job then why shouldn’t Officer Grover?



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