Wellesley High School Principal Forces Students To Sit Through BLM Presentation That Says Cops Started The George Floyd Riots 


Wellesley High School has a student group called Young Ethnic Scholars (YES) whose stated reason for existing is“A club that brought together students of color and allies of the Wellesley community. This group was founded after decades of students of color, especially Black students, experiencing systemic and individualized racism in Wellesley.”

In 2019 they organized a walkout and issued a series of “demands” that were humored by Principal Jamie Chisum, because this is a minority led organization in a predominantly white, wealthy, and woke town so nobody wants to tell them No.

Since the walk-out, the group and other student leaders have been meeting with Principal Jamie Chisum on a regular basis to hold conversations and discuss next steps toward a school environment that is more inclusive and welcoming to all.

As a reminder, YES in 2019 demanded the following:

  • That students of color be included in any decisions about police presence in the schools.
  • That students of color be given full access to a safe space during lunch.
  • That more teachers of color be hired.
  • For mandatory professional development with students of color to discuss school structures that perpetuate ingrained biases.
  • For professional development for staff around race, privilege, and bias.
  • For an action plan on how racists incidents would be dealt with going forward.

When I was in high school it never would’ve occurred to me that I could make “demands” of the principal as to the acceptable races of teachers hired, whether or not cops were allowed in the building, or outline professional development programs for teachers where they’re forced to learn about their privilege from a bunch of kids whose parents live in one of the wealthiest towns in the state. But that’s because I’m just a white kid from Worcester and I have no privilege, unlike these spoiled brats.

Their most outrageous demand was that students of color be given a “safe space during lunch.” This of course means racial segregation, and instead of laughing them out of the room Principal Jamie Chisum humored them because like most high school administrators he is a gutless coward and a pandering fool. Remember, this is the same guy at the same school where they created racially segregated groups that only banned white kids while pushing the false narrative that the Atlanta shootings in March were racially motivated. They rebranded this segregation as “affinity spaces” and doubled down on it.

Now the student group is basically running the school because the Principal and Superintendent are scared of them, and all students in the high school were forced to sit through a diversity presentation they put together which was filled with anti-police propaganda. Here are some of the slides.

One telling kids not to screenshot or take pictures in case its used as evidence and sent to TB:

An explanation for why “all lives matter” and “blue lives matter” are racist (spoiler alert – white supremacists said it one time so it’s no longer acceptable for anyone to say it):

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Misleading stats and outright lies that no protesters were engaged in looting at the George Floyd riots.

Complete fabrications that the police “started the violence” at the George Floyd riots and intentionally mistreated rioters and looters.

In other words, you’re not allowed to mention the billions of dollars worth of property damage and dozens of people killed at these riots. That’s racist now and used to “delegitimize” the fine work done by the domestic terrorist organization known as black lives matter.

A slide that says blue lives matter is in favor of police violence against black people (because they are the countermovement to BLM):

Afterwards kids had to complete a survey.

I would choose “confirms,” because it confirms that BLM is a propaganda organization that gaslights and lies to the public in order to maintain power. It’s why their flag is flying in the middle of the high school despite the fact that people who marched this summer under that flag looted and destroyed major American cities.

Places like Wellesley, Cambridge, Somerville, and Amherst are probably too far gone to be saved. If you live there you can fight back but you’re a minority so you’re probably going to lose. Your best bet is to move to a town where at least 35-40% of people voted for Donald Trump and run for School Committee. Because there are places that haven’t been infected with critical race theory yet, so it’s important that we keep this monster contained.


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