West Brookfield Mom Arrested For Leaving Kids Alone All Day, Kids Assault Responding Officer, Previously On Dr. Phil With Con-Artist Psychic


This is Shaina Fontaine, previously of Monson, who now lives in West Brookfield.

She is a mother of three who recently made the news after being arrested on three counts of reckless endangerment of a child.

Turtlegram: A local woman who has appeared on the Dr. Phil television show is slated to be arraigned Tuesday on three counts of reckless endangerment of a child after police allegedly found her twins and their sibling, all less than 10-years-old, home alone on a snow day. Police, after consulting with elementary school personnel, began to believe that Shaina Fontaine, 32, of 20 Central St., was leaving her young children at home after she began working at a care facility in town, court documents show.

Officer Craig Charron wrote that the children catch the bus at 8 a.m. but Fontaine starts work at 6:30 a.m. and leaves the house at 6:15 a.m. He went to Fontaine’s apartment on Dec. 17, a snow day, and with a caretaker for the building and his body camera running, attempted to talk to the children, court documents show. Charron wrote that he found no adult present and one of the children pushed him, and recorded the encounter while shouting at him to “get the hell out” of her home, another threw a glove at his head and the third told him he was hungry. He noted that the apartment was in disarray.

Police, in court documents, wrote that they believe the children had sometimes been left for several hours while Fontaine was at work. The school had contacted the state Department of Children and Families, court documents show.

Fontaine was a guest on the Dr. Phil show in 2018 after her mother expressed concern that an “online medium” was running Fontaine’s life. On the show, Fontaine said she moved to New York with a man she met through her online advisor, Dennis, who also appeared on an episode and claimed to be God’s messenger. She also told Dr. Phil McGraw, a clinical psychologist, that she may have seen fairies inside her home. During the show, McGraw referenced a police report from Warren officers and it was revealed that she’d used a social media ruse to make people think she’s poisoned her roommate.

West Brookfield police said they also learned that the three children walked ¾ of a mile to a friend’s home while their mother was at work one day and, they said, the children could not contact their mother at work because her cellular telephone had to be placed in a locker during her shift. Charron wrote that Fontaine would sprinkle a line of powder near the doors and tell the children they were not to cross it. 

Believe it or not there are people defending the mother with “wussification of America” arguments. But under no circumstances is it ever OK to leave your three kids home alone on a snow day. Especially when your babysitting technique involves sprinkling fairy dust on the front lawn and telling the crotch fruits not to cross the magic line.

Her kids seem well-adjusted though.

“one of the children pushed him while shouting at him to “get the hell out” of her home, another threw a glove at his head.”

Little kids don’t throw things at cops unless they were raised by slugpumps. That’s not normal behavior for a 9 year old. These kids are full blown ratchets already and they haven’t even hit double digits yet.

I would urge anyone defending her parenting skills to actually watch her Dr. Phil appearance, because it’s pretty wild.

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Oh yea, she’s fully capable of taking care of three children. Lots of good mothers uproot their children’s lives by forcing them to move to New York City because Dennis the psychic told them to.

Because of course is name is Dennis.

Anyone who takes that man seriously can’t ever be allowed around children. Watch this video of him being exposed by a channel with over a million subs, or check out the Facebook page dedicated to exposing him to go down the Dennis rabbit hole.

He also charges $100 an hour to meet with him too, so obviously she’s good with finances.

Shaina claims that she was willing to take her kids away from their grandmother because a spirit told Dennis to tell her that.

She didn’t even speak with the spirit! She’s just trusting that he did.

Then she asked Dennis to ask spirit if her Mom really believed in spirits.

Shockingly Dennis said that the spirit said she did.

Sounds like a perfectly valid reason to never let your mother see her grandkids again.

Grandma is the crazy one here, not the grown woman paying $100 an hour to talk to a con-artist who thinks he communicates with Jesus.

Mom also alleges that one of the crotch fruits fell out of a window.

Too bad Dennis didn’t see that one coming.

According to Mom she also left her a cucumber with a pleasant message attached.

OK, that one was pretty good.

Dennis tells her that fairy says she’s Pocahontas.

In fairness, we regularly elect people under the same delusions here in Massachusetts.

A great way to show that you’re mentally stable and capable of tending to your kids is by threatening to pull their grandmother’s hair out on national television.


Her story about the Facebook post where she said she was drugging her roommate had the audience quite confused.

But little did Dr. Phil know that it was all an elaborate test. She was doing a controlled experiment to see if her roommate, who she wasn’t Facebook friends with, would find out if she posted something about him on Facebook. If he did then she would know that there was a “snake in the grass.”

Naturally then she posted a picture of herself pretending to dump a laxative into his roommate’s drink.

She knew that if her roommate found out then it would prove that her mother was the spy on her friend’s list.

Totally normal social experiment for a mother of three to conduct in order to find out if she has a spy on her Facebook roster.

When the police showed up at her door she realized that the spy was Mom.


The Dennis interview was priceless too, especially when he did a reading for the cameraman before the show began.

He’s hearing issues with the guy’s mother.

Real long shot there, considering the man looked old enough that his mother could be at a sickly age.

Except she was dead thirty years ago.

But what he MEANT to say was, she was sick before she was dead.

Again, real long shot there. Who gets sick before they die? Almost never happens.

Except that one backfired too.

How did he get himself out of this one?

Just call his dead Mom a liar. Problem solved.

And then there was her arrest at Summerfest in Monson in 2012.

A 24-year-old Southbridge woman was arrested at Summerfest on Wednesday for permitting an injury to a child after police noticed that her shirtless 2-year-old was slumped over in her stroller with a bad sunburn. Police Chief Stephen Kozloski Jr. said Shaina L. Fontaine was found to be “extremely intoxicated” with the girl, who was lethargic. He said Fontaine “rammed” the stroller into an officer at Summerfest, who was concerned about the child’s well-being. The girl also had curdled milk in her bottle, Kozloski said. This happened around 3:45 p.m., Kozloski said. Fontaine denied charges of assault and battery on a child with injury and permitting an injury to a child at her arraignment Thursday in Palmer District Court before Judge Patricia T. Poehler. She was released and given a pretrial date of Aug. 3, and ordered to abide by any state Department of Children and Families orders. Kozloski said the girl was evaluated by emergency medical technicians at the scene, who were concerned about her sunburn and that she was dehydrated.

She couldn’t believe the police had the audacity to question her parenting skills.

“All of a sudden there were cops everywhere. It was a huge spectacle,” Fontaine said. “I was polite to (the officer) to begin with, but I got defensive and irritated. They were making a big deal that I didn’t have water with me . . . They were making a problem when there wasn’t one. I was in total shock that the whole thing was even happening.”

I’m starting to understand why her kids throw things at cops and think it’s normal. They’re probably better parents than she is at this point. I mean, these kids are walking down country roads to friends houses and crossing fairy dust picket lines, so they have to be pretty grizzled.

The bottom line is this woman is clearly a danger to her kids, she thinks she’s doing nothing wrong, and she’ll probably be getting an email from Amanda Sawyer by the end of the day. Anyone who isn’t smart enough to figure out that they’re being conned by a middle aged man who can’t keep his eyes open and says he speaks with a fairy isn’t someone who should be rearing children. Maybe the fairy can babysit next time.


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